FTR Retain AEW World Tag Team Titles in Match of the Year Candidate on Collision

Last week FTR and Bullet Club Gold had one of the best matches on AEW Collision so far, and that match earned Bullet Club Gold’s Jay White and Juice Robinson a shot at FTR’s AEW World Tag Team Championships. That match took place on tonight’s Collision, and if you thought the last one was great, this match left that one in the dust. Dax and Cash got off to an extremely hot start, but White and Robinson would get the first fall. FTR was poised to get the second fall for what seemed like an eternity, but White wouldn’t stay down. Eventually, FTR got the second fall, and then all four stars were back in the ring to brawl for the last one. After a host of near falls and spectacular moments, it would be FTR to get the third and final fall, allowing FTR to retain their Championships.

Dax started off against White, and White quickly rolled out of the ring and stood by Robinson. Cash then came around and caused Robinson to run, and soon White got back in the ring. Dax then knocked over White and went outside for a fun celebration before getting into the ring again. Dax got White in a headlock and then White knocked him over. Cash and Robinson tagged in next. Cash and Robinson locked up and Robinson then got thrown into the turnbuckle before having his next move countered. Cash then went from rope to rope and knocked Robinson down flat on the mat, causing him to roll out of the ring. Robinson looked a bit flustered while White came over to help get him on his feet.

Dax was back in and kept Robinson on his heels. Robinson then connected with a chop but soon rolled out to the floor. White would tag in and Dax would slam White down soon after. White looked in pain at that point and Dax would pounce, locking White into a lengthy hold, even using the ropes in plain view of Robinson.

Dax knocked White to the mat with an elbow and then slammed Cash into White, who went for the cover but White kicked out. White then hit a dropkick to Cash’s leg and was able to tag in Robinson. Robinson then connected with some punches on Cash before knocking him to the mat, and then he went for a side headlock. Cash was able to almost pin Robinson, but after the kick-out Cash got him in a cover again. Robinson kicked out and then Cash pounced with another move before picking up Robinson and slamming him down to the mat, causing him to roll to the floor.

Dax tagged in and got hit by two hard chops to the chest, but he returned the favor with a chop to Robinson, who fell to the mat. Dax got Robinson in the corner and then chopped him one more time. Dax went for another but Robinson evaded, only to get chopped by Dax again. Dax hit a quick suplex and a leg drop and then covered Robinson, but Robinson kicked out. Dax got a side headlock on Robinson and pulled Robinson’s hair before landing a punch or two.

They traded punches at this point and then Dax hit a chop on Robinson’s chest. Dax stared at White in the corner and then went back to Robinson, locking in another hold on FTR’s side of the ring. Dax threw Robinson into the ropes but he came back with a shoulder tackle that knocked Dax down. Then Robinson threw Dax right into the turnbuckle, which gave Robinson enough room to tag in White. White went to work, chopping Dax’s chest and shoulder four times. White followed it up with boot stomps and then threw White towards the other corner, but Dax reversed it only to eat the turnbuckle when White got out of the way. Cash came in but got hit with a stunner, and then White slammed Dax down into a cover, but Dax kicked out. Dax connected with a chop and a punch but then White countered with a Flatliner. White picked up Dax and hit a suplex with a bridge, but Dax kicked out.

White slammed Dax into the turnbuckle and chopped him, but Dax returned with a few chops of his own. They exchanged chops back and forth, and then Dax caught himself and clotheslined White to knock both stars down. Dax went to lock up White with a pin but White kicked out. White rolled Dax up but then Robinson and Cash ended up in the match and White rolled up Cash for the first fall of the match.

After the break, White and Dax were in the ring. Dax threw White into the ropes and then tagged Cash. Cash charged towards White, colliding in the corner before throwing two big chops. Cash covered White but he kicked out. Cash then slammed White down and then lifted him up but White broke free with some back elbow shots. White threw Cash down and then tagged in Robinson, who hit two sentons. Robinson covered Cash but Cash kicked out.

Robinson then locked in a hold on Cash, but Cash soon got to his feet. Cash kept picking Robinson up and then flipped Robinson over. Robinson tagged in White, who cut Cash off from Dax. White hit Cash with a neckbreaker and then stepped on Cash. White tagged Robinson before sending Cash into the bottom rope. Robinson then hit Cash with a DDT on the outside, and Robinson got the referee to start a count out.

Robinson put his knee on Cash’s neck and hit a snap suplex into a cover, but Cash got his foot on the rope. White tagged in and stomped on Cash’s head and neck. White then dodged some tired punches from Cash before knocking him back down. White put a knee into Cash’s back and punched him in the back before tagging Robinson in. Robinson hit a senton and then taunted Dax. Robinson went for a senton again but Cash got his knees up. Then Cash went for the pin but only got 2. Cash got away from Robinson and then attacked both in their corner.

White tagged in and raked Cash’s eyes. White kicked Cash but Cash was able to knock Robinson to the floor and keep White at bay. Cash tried to leap over White to tag Dax but White stopped it from happening. Cash finally knocked back White and tagged in Dax, and Dax cleaned house. Dax unleashed hell on Robinson and then clotheslined White. Dax then rolled up Robinson and went for the pin, but he kicked out, and then Dax went up top and slammed Robinson down for another attempt. Dax hit another German suplex and held on for another. Dax suplexed White who ran in and then went for a cover, but Robinson kicked out.

Robinson pushed Dax off and into the ropes before tagging in White. At this point, FTR had White down twice in surefire fall situations, but somehow the switchblade kept kicking out. FTR was puzzled and a little stunned, as White kicked out of everything. FTR put White on top of the ropes and chopped him continuously before going up top with him. Dax hit White with the Superplex but White got his knees up for Cash. Then Robinson hit Dax with the splash and pushed White on top of him to cover, but Dax kicked out at the last minute.

Robinson was in and FTR slammed him down and went for the pin, finally earning their first fall. Back from break, Dax slammed White into the apron and then picked up White to slam him down, but White hit Dax with punches, sending them both over the barricades to the floor in front of the crowd. Cash checked on them, and eventually, Dax got to his feet. White was slammed back down to the ground over the barricade, and then FTR lifted him and suplexed him to the floor.

Robinson was back on his feet and FTR hit him with a suplex on the floor as well. Dax headed back to the ring and White and Robinson were both laid out on the floor. White barely beat the count and now all four were in the ring. Punches started flying and Robinson and Cash ended up going over the ropes and landing on the floor. Dax and White were in the ring, and White was priming up to finish Dax off with the sharpshooter. Dax crawled toward the bottom rope, but then White dragged Dax back to the center of the ring. Dax crawled forward again and broke the hold after grabbing the bottom rope.

Dax connected with a loud chop on White, and then another, which knocked White down. Dax dodged a punch from Robinson and then propped White up on the top turnbuckle. Dax then hit the suplex from up top, and both stars struggled to get to their feet. Robinson then ran around and knocked Cash off the apron. White chop blocked Dax and then slammed Dax down and locked in the bridge, but Dax kicked out.

White was on his feet and then signaled his finisher but Dax countered and locked in the sharpshooter. Cash then took care of Robinson and locked in a sharpshooter of his own. Eventually, FTR couldn’t help but let go of the hold. Robinson was in and went for the DDT but then Dax locked in the sharpshooter again, and since he pulled the knee pad down, he had more leeway to keep the hold locked in. Robinson had to tap, and he did, giving FTR the win. FTR retains their AEW World Tag Team Championships.

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