Grayson Waller Calls Out The Rock on WWE SmackDown

Grayson Waller has had quite the main roster landing, as the recently drafted superstar has shared the ring with John Cena, Charlotte Flair, and Edge since being drafted to SmackDown from NXT. He’s most recently started some back and forth with Dwayne The Rock Johnson on social media, and The Rock didn’t take long to respond. Waller upped the ante tonight though, as during an interview on WWE SmackDown Waller called out The Rock directly. Waller took some shots at the legend, saying that he was more worried about what Waller was saying than watching his family implode on live TV, and then said if he wants to get some of Waller’s clout, he knows where to find him.

Backstage Waller spoke to Cathy Kelley, and he couldn’t have been in a better mood when talking about the attention he’s received lately. “I’ve got to be honest with you Cathy, I’m not surprised! Main eventing at Madison Square Garden against Hall of Fame Edge, and if I had longer than 15 minutes to get ready I would have beat him too but that’s okay, because I swam,” Waller said.

“So much so that now everyone’s talking about Grayson Waller, including….The Rock. The great one himself. The great one himself. Every single week his family is imploding right in front of him every week on SmackDown, but he’s worried about me. And I know he’s desperate for the Grayson Waller rub, and if he wants more of my clout, he knows where to find me,” Waller said.

“But enough about him. Let’s talk about tonight, because I have the opportunity against three of the best SmackDown has to offer, to cement myself here on SmackDown, and I’m gonna do that with my hand raised in victory because that is the Grayson Waller effect,” Waller said. “If you smell what I’m cooking. Hah!”

This all started during last week’s SmackDown at Madison Square Garden, where Waller faced Edge in the ring. When he wasn’t in the ring though, he was taking a shot at The Rock, holding up the gear The Rock made his debut in and calling the whole look “cringe”.

In a video posted on social media, Waller said, “Can you imagine making your debut in Madison Square Garden, of all places, and you wear something like this?” Waller laughed and then held up the gear, laughing at it and calling it cringe before mocking The Rock with a “do you smell what I’m cooking” and laughing more as the clip ended.

On Twitter, The Rock responded to Waller’s comments with some shots of his own. “Man you’re right! That outfit was so cringe ????? Here’s what’s more cringe – the fact you look and sound like you dropped out of some jabroni’s balloon knot. Nice haircut, you Outback Jack Off. Ps, my cringe debut outfit was all @TripleH’s idea ?,” Rock wrote.

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