Monthly Archives: February 2024

Dune: Part Two Star Reflects on Wanting to Play James Bond: “What Was I Thinking?”

From Elvis to Dune: Part Two, Austin Butler has already been featured in some pretty significant projects. As Butler has earned critical acclaim and a number of new fans, the actor is revisiting one career aspiration that he no longer has. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Butler revisited a […]

AEW Dynamite: Hangman Page Lies About Injury Ahead of Championship Match

“Hangman” Adam Page is leaning into some real heel territory heading into AEW Revolution. The former AEW World Champion is fighting for the same title on Sunday night, taking part in a three-way bout against current champion Samoa Joe and arch-rival Swerve Strickland. Over the past week, fans have been worried about Hangman’s status for […]

Magic: The Gathering Designer Confirms Change to Major Game Mechanic

Wizards of the Coast is shaking things up on the battlefield. As eagle-eyed gamers were quick to notice when the first Magic: The Gathering “Bloomburrrow” spoilers surfaced over the weekend, “enters the battlefield” will no longer be a phrase used on most MTG cards. Instead, cards will simply say “enters,” shortening the text that appears […]

Top 10 Comic Books Rising in Value in the Last Week Include Sentry, Spider-Man, and X-Men

Rumors are the lifeblood of the aftermarket community. Well, that and first appearances. Both propel this list as the market divides its attention between the Ultimate Universe and what’s to come. The Sentry pops up once again, we get a new version of Spider-Man, AND a Galactus-level threat is preparing to decimate the Marvel Universe. […]