Nintendo Switch Online Adds Three Spooky Classics For Halloween

Periodically, Nintendo adds new classic games to its Nintendo Switch Online classic catalog. If you’re a subscriber, you automatically gain access to all of these games as soon as they’re released, though it’s important to note that some games fall until the Expansion Pack subscriber level, which costs extra. Today, Nintendo announced three new games coming to the base tier to celebrate Halloween. The latest Nintendo Switch Online drop includes one original Game Boy game and two NES games. While they aren’t as horrific as modern spooky games, they absolutely have a vibe that fits the season. Let’s take a look at all three games below.

Castlevania Legends – Game Boy

“Released for the Game Boy system in 1998, play as a young Vampire Hunter named Sonia Belmont, who takes the whip her grandfather taught her to use and heads to the castle where Dracula awaits. You can earn Soul Weapons by defeating bosses and use them to progress further into the castle. Activate Burning Mode to become temporarily invincible once per stage, which can help if you find yourself in any desperate situations!”

The Mysterious Murasame Castle – NES


“A mysterious force has begun to take control over Murasame Castle and its lands. Each lord in four neighboring castles has taken possession of a dark sphere of power, allowing them to summon ninja armies and monsters that wreak havoc in the villages. Takamaru, a brave samurai swordsman, has been sent to investigate. He must infiltrate all four castles and defeat the lords before making his way to Murasame Castle. Using sword and shuriken attacks, unlock the secret source of evil!”

Devil World – NES


“You play heroic dragon Tamagon, who must defeat evil by navigating a maze with multiple types of challenges–including collecting boa-boa dots and destroying enemies with fire breath. But keep an eye on the devil at the top of the screen as you go! He’ll instruct his minions to move the maze in random directions, trying to squash Tamagon within its walls.”

Of the three games, Devil World might be the most interesting. This is the first time the early Famicom game is available in the U.S. It’s also Shigeru Miyamoto’s first console-only game after spending so much time working on arcade titles. Meanwhile, Murasame Castle was previously available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2014, though it’s always great to have another opportunity for fans to check out one of the early games Suda51 worked on. Finally, Castlevania Legends launched to poor critical reviews given the limitations of the Game Boy, but it has since become something of a cult classic. Now, it has another chance at a new life as part of the Nintendo Switch Online lineup.