Janelle Monáe Wins Halloween With Chameleon Costume

Some celebrities just have a knack for taking Halloween very seriously, and musician/actress Janelle Mon?e is one of the queens of the holiday. Last year the Glass Onion star made waves with her wild Fifth Element alien costume, and this year she seems to have upped her game. Janelle Mon?e’s 2023 Halloween costume might be her best yet, with the Antebellum star revealing herself to have fully become a chameleon….literally that is, her costume is a pretty photorealistic version of the color-changing reptile.

While many celebrities are suiting up as their own characters, or going as other notable pop culture creations, Mon?e opted to just outdo everyone by fully transforming. You can find a series of photos of Janelle Mon?e’s 2023 Halloween costume below. Mon?e thanked a slew of make-up artists and csotumes that helped bring it to life including Cat Paschen of SYFY’s Face Off, Niko Gonzalez (Blue Beetle), Miranda Jory, Meg Wilbur, Lisette Santana (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, The Mandalorian), and Alexandra Mandelkorn (Janelle Mon?e’s “Dirty Computer”). The actress also noted that the custom prosthetics for the costume were created by DYAD Make-up & FX Studio with additional prosthetics by RBFX Studio and Patrick Magee.

Janelle Mon?e Halloween Costumes

Janelle Mon?e’s Halloween costumes have long been a fan-favorite, with people looking forward to what she’ll put together year after year much like Heidi Klum. In 2022, Janelle Mon?e’s Halloween costume was the previosuly mentioned Fifth Element alien, but in 2021 Janelle Mon?e celebrated Halloween and Christmas at the same time with a Grinch costume.

Janelle Mon?e’s Halloween costume in 2020 was another animal transformation, fully becoming a human fly (inspired by Mike Pence’s encounter with a fly during a Vice Presidential debate). Janelle Mon?e’s 2019 Halloween costume was another unique one, appearing as a decapitated bride holding her own head.

Janelle Mon?e’s fourth studio album The Age of Pleasure was release this summer and the actress’ next acting gig will likely be the A24 TV series De La Resistance. The series will see Mon?e take on the role of Josephine Baker, a spy for the Allied forces that helped France fight the Nazis. It was previously reported that many streamers were interested in the property but it’s unclear where it ended up landing.

(Cover photo by Mason Rose/Janelle Mon?e & Netflix)