AEW’s Ricky Starks Cheats and Beats CM Punk to Become Men’s Owen Hart Cup Winner

AEW Collision brought an action-packed episode to a close with the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Finals between CM Punk and Ricky Starks, and while the two have been allies as of late, there wasn’t a lot of camaraderie going on during the match. Both Punk and Starks had some fun at the other star’s expense throughout, and Punk paid tribute to Bret Hart at several points as well. There would end up being a sequence of roll-up counters, but on the third of these Starks would scoot over a bit towards the ropes. Starks then grabbed the rope to help him keep Punk down, and since the referee didn’t see it, Starks got the 3 count and the win, becoming the new Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament winner. That said, we’re sure Punk isn’t going to be happy with that outcome at all.

Punk and Starks locked up and Punk gained the advantage twice but both times Starks was able to counter. Punk locked in another hold on Starks, and then Punk knocked down Starks again and another hold was locked in. Starks got a hold of his own, and then after both were on their feet Starks knocked Punk down and taunted him a bit by signaling for the GTS.

Punk then threw Starks out of the ring and the crowd booed a bit, which surprised Punk. Punk then opened up the ropes so Starks could walk through, and Starks would get a chance for payback. Starks threw Punk to the outside in another sequence, and then Starks struck a pose in the middle of the ring. Starks offered the same hand to Punk that he did previously, but Punk didn’t take it and looked upset at how it all went down.

Punk came in the ring with a purpose, knocking Starks down and kicking him before going up top for a knee drop. Punk then hit the side Russian leg sweep, paying tribute to several moves from Bret the Hitman Hart. Punk then brought down Starks on the mat again, and Punk followed it up with a slam before going up top. Starks was able to knock Punk down off the turnbuckle and went for the cover, but Punk kicked out.

Punk went for the running knee on Starks and connected, knocking Starks to the floor. Starks came back with a move but Punk kicked him in the leg and halted his momentum, only for the two to trade near falls. Punk hit the running knee on Starks again but Starks hit a DDT into a cover. Punk kicked out, and Starks went up top. Starks went for the elbow drop but Punk dodged it and clotheslined Starks into a cover, though Starks kicked out.

Then both stars collided with each other in the middle of the ring, knocking them both down to the mat. Both stars exchanged a host of punches and strikes, but Starks won the exchange. Starks then went for a move but Punk reversed it into a piledriver, another tribute to Bret Hart. Punk covered Starks but Starks kicked out at 2. Punk then signaled the GTS, but Starks dodged a move from Punk and connected with a spear.

Punk got himself to the outside before Starks could catch him, meaning he couldn’t pin him. Starks then rolled Punk into the ring and went for it again, but his spear was countered into a guillotine by Punk. Starks was able to break it with his foot on the ropes, but Punk took Starks up top. Punk hit the hurricanrana but Starks reversed the landing into a pin. Punk reversed that pin into a pin attempt of his own, but then Starks countered again. This time though Starks scooted over quickly and held the rope without the referee seeing it, giving Starks the pin and the win, much to Punk’s shock. Starks is now your Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Winner!

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