WWE’s The New Day Received Their First and Surprising NXT Tag Team Title Challengers

After attaining the vaunted WWE Triple Crown at NXT Deadline, The New Day’s Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston hit the ring during tonight’s NXT to celebrate their NXT Tag Team Championship win at Deadline, and they revealed some lesser-known facts about their history in NXT. That was cut short though by Pretty Deadly, who came out to the ring to try and get their Title rematch, and New Day was keen to give it to them with one request to recite the pledge of allegiance. They weren’t about to do that, but Briggs and Jensen were more than happy to oblige, and thus they got the next shot at The New Day’s NXT Tag Team Championships.

When New Day hit the ring, Kingston talked about how special this win was for him, while also taking a jab at Booker T’s saltiness about the record. You deserve it chants broke out, and Kingston said this was an even more special moment for Woods. Woods chants broke out, and he said it was full circle for him, and that he was here 10 years ago when NXT started, and that he had the first-ever NXT match against Big E.

He said he was also the first person to graduate from the performance center and go to Raw, but something didn’t sit right with him, and that was he didn’t ever have the chance to hold the NXT Championship. He then said, “but look at your boy now!”

Kingston had then hit the celebration music but then Pretty Deadly came out. They said the New Day ruined everything and took their Titles and also ruined their Christmas. The New Day said they knew they had a bad week with the World Cup and then losing the Titles to them, and then Kingston said he out-twerked them. They said they were out here to ask for their rematch, and Woods said they were all about it. Kingston then said that he’s been telling everyone how talented they are and what is in store for them in the future. That said, he added that there was a small thing they needed.

Woods said they need them to recite the pledge of allegiance. That’s when Briggs and Jensen came out and helped them recite the Pledge, and Pretty Deadly covered their ears. Since Pretty Deadly didn’t recite it and Briggs and Jensen did, they got the Title shot, and they will face The New Day first.


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