Marvel Mashes Up Scarlet Witch With Another Powerful Hero

In recent years, Scarlet Witch has easily become one of the breakout characters of the Marvel universe. Thanks to appearances onscreen in WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Wanda Maximoff’s world has only been further explored — and apparently, her alternate worlds are starting to be explored too. A recent issue of one of Marvel’s comics introduced a unique amalgam of Wanda, combining her status quo with that of one of the franchise’s other significant magic users. Spoilers for The Variants #5 from Gail Simone, Phil Noto, and Cory Petit below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue culminates in a fight between two groups of variants of Jessica Jones, who have been uprooted from the multiverse by Jewel, a younger version of Jessica from another Earth who proves to have malicious intentions. After the other Jessicas fight to get the upper hand against Jewel, who has the powers of another universe’s Doctor Strange, the Knightress version of Jessica finds a way to help. She calls a favor from her universe’s Sorcerer Supreme — Dr. Wanda Strange. This amalgam, which combines Wanda with Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange, then uses her abilities to bind Jewel and stop her from causing harm.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Is Scarlet Witch getting a new comic?

This alternate-universe version of Wanda comes just before she is poised to get her own solo series for the first time in years, which will be launching early next year. The series will be written by Steve Orlando with art by Sara Pichelli, and covers by Russell Dauterman.

“Since I first stepped into the House of Ideas, the Scarlet Witch has been with me–in fact, she was the star of my first Marvel work ever, kicking ass, weaving spells, and humbling Doom in Darkhold! So, there was no way I could pass up the chance to work on Scarlet Witch,” Orlando said in a statement when the series was announced. “Wanda Maximoff has finally broken free of the shadows she’s wrestled with for years. And now? Sara Pichelli, Russell Dauterman, and I are unveiling the next chapter of her powerful, improbable, magical life. When you have nowhere else to turn…you turn to the Scarlet Witch. And God help anyone who gets in her way.”

“You have been waiting for Scarlet Witch’s solo return for so long!” Pichelli added. “Finally that time has come and I’m truly honored my art was chosen to make this happen. Can’t wait for you to see the book.”


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