WWE’s Max Dupri Quits MMM and Signals Return of LA Knight

After weeks of teasing a change, tonight’s WWE SmackDown featured the biggest step towards transformation yet for Max Dupri. The Maximum Male Models were backstage and were attempting to break a record for the longest pose ever, and Maxxine Dupri was cheering them on despite some jabs from fellow WWE Superstars. Max was around early in the night but then left, and when he returned he actually broke up the pose as they neared the record. MMM was confused as Max yelled at them for becoming clowns and worrying about dumb things like posing instead of Titles. That’s when he said this wasn’t for him anymore and he threw his MMM belt at the group, and he gave a LA Knight-style Yeahhh as he walked away.

The other big quote of note came at the end. Max said “this ain’t for me anymore. You can 86 that because quite frankly, I’m not sure this ever was for me.” He then threw his MMM belt at the group and said “yeahhh” as he left MMM angry and confused. It would seem that Max Dupri is no more, and LA Knight is right around the corner.

The last part of that was definitely in regards to WWE moving him from NXT to SmackDown and changing him from his LA Knight character (which was already a fan favorite) to Max Dupri and the leader of the Maximum Male Models faction. Despite the questionable change Max gave it everything and made the most out of it, delivering quotable catchphrases and some memorable moments.

Then reports came out that there were some conflicts regarding creative and his character behind the scenes, and then it seemed as if he was being removed from the faction altogether when Maxxine showed up. Once Triple H took over that seemed to change course again, and now it seems Max will soon be returned to the LA Knight fans in NXT grew to love.

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