WWE’s Kairi Sane Confronts Asuka and Joins Damage CTRL on SmackDown

Crown Jewel featured several surprises for the WWE Universe, including the return of Kairi Sane to the company. Sane would appear during IYO SKY’s WWE Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair, and it was Sane who would ultimately help SKY secure the win against Belair. Bayley was stunned at Sane’s arrival though, and tonight on SmackDown Bayley confronted Sane and SKY about her return. Dakota Kai and SKY came out with Kairi to the ring and explained to Bayley that they didn’t bring Sane to change anything, but only to make Damage CTRL stronger. That led to Sane telling Bayley that she forgave her, and by the end, it seems as if Sane is now part of Damage CTRL, as she will be fighting with them against Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka.

After Bayley calls the rest of Damage CTRL out to talk about Sane’s hidden return, SKY tells Bayley, “It’s IYO’s era right? You remember that right? I have Kairi to thank for helping me to retain the title. That’s what you wanted right?” Bayley agreed that’s what she wanted, and Kai reaffirmed what SKY was saying.

Kai told Bayley that this wasn’t to hurt Bayley or cause any stress, but only to make Damage CTRL stronger. Kai also said that there’s so much pressure on Bayley and they wanted to take some of the pressure off. Bayley then pointed out the elephant in the room, saying that she was concerned about Sane since the last time she was in WWE Bayley brutally attacked her backstage.

The video of that attack played, and that led to Sane addressing things with Bayley. Sane said, “Bayley, I respect you as the leader of Damage CTRL, and I forgive you.” Then she opened her arms for a hug, and Bayley said she doesn’t do hugs anymore. Kai pushed Bayley into a hug and the whole team hugged in the middle of the ring before they were interrupted by Belair.

Belair said that she had not forgiven Damage CTRL for what they did at Crown Jewel, and that’s why she was going to take on all of them tonight. She also brought back-up, saying that there are lots of people that don’t like Damage CTRL, and out came Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Sane was surprised and seemingly delighted to see Asuka, as the two were former tag team partners and Women’s Tag Team Champions during Sane’s previous run with WWE.

It would seem that Bayley’s days as leader of Damage CTRL are somewhat numbered. There have been numerous teases over the past year of SKY and Kai getting frustrated with her decisions for the group, but as of late, Bayley has staunchly been in SKY’s corner. With Kairi back in the picture though, that could change, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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