Undead Unluck Brings in SpongeBob SquarePants for Wild Anime Cameo

SpongeBob SquarePants made his surprising anime debut with a wild cameo in the latest episode of Undead Unluck‘s anime! SpongeBob is one of the most popular animated characters of all time, and fans in the past have even imagined what it would look like if the Nickelodeon mainstay ever made the full jump to anime someday. Fans took on these projects because such a leap seemed like it would never really be possible, but that’s all changed with the latest episode of Undead Unluck. The anime for Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga series has already had plenty of wild events, but now it’s got a cameo out of nowhere!

Undead Unluck’s anime has been one of the big surprises of the Fall 2023 anime schedule as while it’s not the biggest Shonen Jump anime of the Fall, each of the episodes thus far have been hiding some fun and quirky moments. This includes Episode 6 of the anime as when Fuuko Izumo mishears the name of a new UMA she, Andy, and Shen are hunting on a new mission, she ends up thinking about SpongeBob SquarePants (who has been blurred out to hilariously avoid copyright). Check it out as spotted by @stephenweirdy8 on X (formerly known as Twitter).

How to Watch Undead Unluck

If you wanted to jump into Undead Unluck after seeing a wild joke cameo like this, it’s now the perfect time to catch up with the anime. Directed by Yuki Yase at David Production with Unlimited Produce by TMS handling the planning, Undead Unluck is exclusively streaming its new episodes with Hulu this Fall. It’s currently scheduled to run for two full cours of episodes, so catching up now means you have plenty of time to enjoy the anime before it ends its run next year. Hulu teases Undead Unluck as such:

“What happens when an unlucky girl meets an undead guy? Pure chaos! Tired of inadvertently killing people with her special ability Unluck, Fuuko Izumo sets out to end it all. But when she meets Andy, a man who longs for death but can’t die, she finds a reason to live–and he finds someone capable of giving him the death he’s been longing for.”

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