WWE’s Gunther Retains Intercontinental Title With Some Help on SmackDown Season Premiere

The main event of tonight’s WWE SmackDown season premiere was a much-anticipated rematch for the Intercontinental Championship between Gunther and Sheamus, and it was just as physical a match as their previous battle. Sheamus’ chest was shredded by the match’s end, but despite the physical toll, he managed to make Gunther tap. The only problem was that the referee said it wasn’t a tap, robbing Sheamus of the victory and clearing the way for Gunther to get some help and in pinning Sheamus and retaining his Intercontinental Title.

At one point Sheamus had Gunther on the ropes, and he looked to seal the win by locking in a submission. He did just that, and though Gunther fought to get to the ropes he ended up tapping the mat. Everyone thought Sheamus had won, but then the referee squashed that win.

She said Gunther hadn’t tapped, instead saying that he was merely trying to get to the ropes. Sheamus was livid and then Imperium and the Brawling Brutes all got involved. This distracted the referee, giving Imperium the chance to throw Gunther Sheamus’ shillelagh so he could hit him with it and knock him out.

This led to Gunther pinning Sheamus and getting the three count, and Sheamus will undoubtedly be looking for payback at Extreme Rules when the two teams face each other in a Donnybook Match. It remains to be seen if Sheamus will get another shot at the Intercontinental Championship because of the controversial call in the ring, but we’ll just have to see. In the meantime, you can find the full card for Extreme Rules below.

Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match: Bianca Belair (C) vs Bayley

SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Liv Morgan (C) vs Ronda Rousey

Fight Pit Match: Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle

Strap Match: Drew McIntyre vs Karrion Kross

I Quit Match: Finn Balor vs Edge

Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: The Brawling Brutes vs Imperium


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