WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan Gets Married

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan just got married to fianc? Sky Daily in a small ceremony in Clearwater, Florida, and we wish the happy couple all the best. TMZ shared the photos of the ceremony, which according to sources with direct knowledge was made up of the couple’s closest family members. Hogan and Daily were married at their place of worship, Indian Rocks Baptist Church and Pastor Aaron Filippone officiated the ceremony. Daily wore a Rue de Seine bridal gown with gorgeous white gold earrings, bracelet, and necklace pendant completing the ensemble, and all were laced with diamonds.

Hogan and Daily got engaged in July after Hogan asked her to marry him at a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Hogan previously said he also fell in love with Daily’s three children, who were all at the wedding alongside Nick Hogan. TMZ says they were told Brooke couldn’t make it on such short notice, and according to the report, this was a more spur-of-the-moment ceremony. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Hogan has done a number of interviews lately, including one with the Full Send Podcast. During that interview, Hogan talked about working in the 1980s, and at one point he touched on the topic of Vince McMahon having trouble trusting other stars if they weren’t willing to take a loss and put someone over.

“So I called Vince up. ‘Hey, Vince, just talked to Mr. Wonderful. He says he doesn’t want to do the job, one-two-three.’ (Vince said) ‘Okay, well, then, if he doesn’t want to do the job, you figure it out.’ Great! That’s how it was in the beginning,” Hogan said.

“Piper wouldn’t do a job. Orndorff wouldn’t do a job. The reason ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage was a champion so many times, he’d do business,” Hogan said. “If I said, ‘Brother, I need to beat you,’ he would be there. And then here’s the belt, I’m gonna go do a couple of movies, here’s the belt, go make a bunch of money. When I come back, I knew he’d drop the belt back to me…Yeah, but you know, Vince didn’t trust Piper or other guys who wouldn’t do a job.”

As for the here and now, Hogan revealed in a different interview that Shane McMahon had asked him if he had one more match in him, and that involved a pitch for WrestleMania 39. Hogan wasn’t able to make it happen due to his back, but he still leaves the door open for a retirement match down the line.

“I said, well right now my back needs a little more work, but that’s something we can talk about next year,” Hogan said. “I have always wanted to have a retirement match, but now I’m not moving around the way I should be. So, I’m gonna keep working and keep training, and keep doing rehab and see where I’m at about six months from now. But all I found out in the wrestling business, brother, is you never say never.”