WWE Fan Favorites Have to Leave NXT

Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT was going to be the last for one of two Tag Teams, as the loser of the match between The Dyad and The Creed Brothers would have to leave NXT. Throughout the match, there was genuine tension from the crowd, especially as Brutus was knocked out of commission for a bit and Julius had to take on both Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler on his own. Julius would make it happen too, and he looked this close to winning even with a heavily hurt leg and knee. Unfortunately, a mysterious red hooded figure would headbutt Julius and that would set up The Dyad for getting the pin and the win, and now The Creed Brothers are no longer in NXT.

The weight of the match was clearly on both team’s minds, and at one point Brutus was pretty much knocked out of the match, leaving Julius to face The Dyad alone. A chop block on Julius did some big damage, and then Reid delivered another chop block that really hurt Julius, setting him up for a throw over the steel steps from Fowler.

Fowler continued to target the knee, lifting Julius up and slamming him down on his knee on steel steps. Fowler rolled Julius back in the ring and tagged in Reid, who kicked the back of that same leg. Reid then wrapped Julius’ leg around the bottom rope, further damaging the knee, and another tag amongst the Dyad set up Julius upside down in the corner. Fowler mercilessly punched Julius’ leg and knee and then proceeded to pick up Julius and slam him down on the mat.

Reid tagged in and kicked the hurt leg, and in came another step from Reid before tagging back in Fowler. Julius crawled to his corner but Fowler pushed Brutus off the ring apron and then went to work on the hurt leg of Julius again. Fowler locked in a single-leg submission, and Julius was clearly in pain. Fowler was bending Julius’ leg as far as he could, and Julius was able to break the hold and start crawling towards Brutus.

Brutus tagged in but was down to one arm essentially, though he still beat down Fowler. Brutus lifted Fowler slammed him down on his back, and then hit an amazing splash on Fowler from the top rope. He went for the cover on Fowler but Fowler kicked out. Brutus went for the Ankle Lock on Fowler and Fowler was finally able to break loose. Fowler went up top and brought Brutus down into a cover, but Brutus kicked out. Reid unwrapped his hands and punched Brutus in the head.

Reid kept up the attack, and Julius then gave some encouragement to Brutus. Reid kept getting in hard shots but Brutus came back with a huge punch and tagged in Julius. Fowler went around the ring though and held down Brutus. Reid hit Julius with back elbows and then dove through the ring ropes and knocked Brutus hard to the ground after he flipped over Fowler.

Reid kept taunting Julius and Julius was one on two. Julius then lifted both stars and slammed them down. He then got back on his feet on one leg and went up top and hit the moonsault. Raine was in the ring next but Nile broke it up and then knocked her out of the ring. At that point, a mystery person in a red hoodie came in and head-butted Julius without the referee seeing them. Fowler then pinned Julius and got the win, meaning The Creed Brothers will now leave WWE NXT.

Now it seems The Creed Brothers will be heading to Raw or SmackDown in the coming months, but we’ll just have to wait and see which brand they show up in. In the meantime, this is one of The Dyad’s biggest wins in NXT, and NXT will likely be building on that in future weeks.

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