The Mandalorian Video Game Concept Goes Viral

The Mandalorian is one of the biggest TV shows of the last handful of years, but shockingly, Disney hasn’t really capitalized on this success outside of Disney+ and toys. You’d think a show this big would have a video game by now, but that has yet to happen. There have been many rumors that Disney has a game based on the show in the works, with some suggesting it could be Ubisoft’s game. However, that game was revealed to be called Star Wars Outlaws and has no direct link to The Mandalorian. It seems like there’s probably no game based on the show in sight despite the fan demand, but maybe that will change in the future.

Despite this, DICE UI Technical Designer Gavin Marshall decided to imagine what a game based on the show would look like. Using his skills as a UI designer, Marshall designed a few images that conceptualize what it would look like to customize your very own Mandalorian, a start menu (which Marshall envisioned as a smooth transition into gameplay via hyperspace), a settings menu, and even a look at what it would be like if you were roaming the world with a quest with a variety of HUD elements on screen. It’s incredibly cool and detailed, but almost makes it harder knowing it’s not real and probably never will be. At least Star Wars Outlaws scratches some of that itch with the fact that it centers on the criminal underworld of the Star Wars universe and is open-world.

Still, a game where players can play as a bounty hunter in an open world Star Wars universe is still something fans really desire. There hasn’t really been anything quite like that and the fact that we’re only just now getting our first open-world Star Wars game shows that we’ve barely scratched the surface. Despite how played out Star Wars may be on film and television, Disney has kind of neglected the possibilities in gaming with a few exceptions.

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