Star Wars Alum Daisy Ridley Cast in New Prime Video Series

Daisy Ridley has landed her first starring television role. On Wednesday, reports indicated that Ridley is set to star in The Better Liar, a television series inspired by Tanen Jones’ novel of the same name. She will also executive produce the series, which is written and executive produced by True Blood‘s Raelle Tucker, who is also showrunning Prime Video‘s upcoming adaptation of The Power. The series is in the works with Amazon Studios and The Tornante Company.

This would be the latest in a string of post-Star Wars roles for Ridley, after she previously portrayed Rey across the saga’s sequel trilogy of films. Her recent and upcoming film appearances include Magpie, The Marsh King’s Daughter, and Young Woman and the Sea.

What is The Better Liar about?

In The Better Liar, when a woman hires a lookalike in an effort to conceal her sister’s death and claim their shared inheritance, her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets. The book was released in early 2020.

“I’m obsessed with spies and identity and deception,” Jones said in a 2020 interview with BookPage. “Part of the idea for this book came from thinking about how the only way to understand a family dynamic is to be inside it, but once you’re part of it, you can no longer see it clearly-so I wrote an outsider who could pretend to be an insider.”

Will Daisy Ridley return to Star Wars?

With Damon Lindelof working on a new Star Wars film supposedly set after the sequel trilogy, there has been the question of whether or not Ridley could possibly reprise her role once again.


“Honestly, I have no idea,” Ridley recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “I feel like Rey’s story ended in a wonderful way with the last film [Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker]. It’s already been an insane three years since that film came out. I feel like quite a different person. We’ve all gone through a massive change in the last three years, with lots of crazy things happening. So I really don’t know if there are plans. I just don’t know. But ultimately, I loved my experience, I loved what I got to do and I love the people I got to work with. So, should that happen again, even once, amazing. Because the dream is to really be around nice people that make you feel good and feel heard while you do good work.”

h/t: Deadline