Could Shawn Michaels’ Appearance at Roadblock Lead to Dragon Lee’s WWE NXT Debut?

WWE’s NXT Roadblock is now just a week away, and the event just got even more interesting. After weeks of stunts, which included taking over the TV feed a few weeks ago from the production truck, Grayson Waller extended an invitation to Shawn Michaels to be a guest on a Roadblock edition of the Grayson Waller Effect. Tonight Michaels revealed his answer, and against his better judgment, he accepted the invitation. So, the question is what happens when Michaels confronts Waller, and while a Sweet Chin Music does seem likely, there’s also another theory that this could be the big surprise debut of new NXT signee Dragon Lee.

In a tweet, Michaels accepted the invitation, which he admits is probably not the best idea and is taking away time from his duties in NXT. He also admits that Waller’s antics are only going to become bigger, louder, and more destructive, and so this is the best way to address the frustrated NXT star.

On Twitter Michaels wrote “Every day I focus on the development of the young men and women of NXT. I had my time in the spotlight. Now that attention should be directed on these incredible Superstars. However, knowing Grayson’s behavior will only get worse, and against my better judgment, I accept the invitation to be on the Grayson Waller Effect next week at Roadblock and promise to be as professional as I can be.”

This all started when Waller lost to Bron Breakker at NXT Vengeance Day. Breakker didn’t cheat to win or anything but Waller was clearly frustrated and took some of his anger out on Michaels when he crashed the Vengeance Day Press Conference. He would later take over the production truck and cut the TV feed after Breakker’s match against Jinder Mahal, and now Michaels will meet him face-to-face in the ring.

That’s where Dragon Lee comes in, who revealed he had signed with WWE after winning the AAA Tag Team Championships. That was in December of last year, and ever since fans have been waiting to see him emerge in NXT. Roadblock would be a perfect time, as Michaels could bring in someone who can teach Waller a lesson, clearing the way for a Dragon Lee debut.


Now, that could be something NXT saves for Stand & Deliver, but if they want Lee on the card for that event, it would make sense to introduce him next week.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens at Roadblock, but the good news is we don’t have to wait very long. What do you want to see happen at Roadblock and will Dragon Lee make his NXT debut? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!