New Xbox Game Pass Deal Gives You a Free Subscription

A new Xbox Game Pass deal gives you a free subscription. That said, you better like eating Doritos or drinking MTN Dew and Rockstar. According to Xbox, Doritos, MTN Dew, and Rockstar Energy Drink “are some of players’ favorite snacks.” Whether this is true or not, Xbox doesn’t present the data but this seems to be a reasonable claim. Whatever the case, between October 9 and December 29, Xbox players can purchase specially marked Doritos, MTN Dew, and Rockstar Energy Drink products to receive a code that offers a free one-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The catch is this offer is only available to new subscribers. If you’re a current subscriber or been a subscriber in the past, you can snack on all of these products as much as you’d like but you’re not getting free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for it. If you are eligible for this promotion, you will want to look out for the eligible products. You can spot an eligible product as it will have “Xbox-inspired imagery” from its various games.

Each product contains a code that you can then register and enter at This in turn “unlocks access to exclusive downloadable content (DLC), contest entries, and more.” Meanwhile, new subscribers will get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upon their first code entry, while “additional purchases and codes will enable players to earn more points to spend on the online rewards marketplace.”

To provide an example of some of the aforementioned DLC content, Xbox provides the following two examples: Forza Motorsport Magma Racing Suit and Sea of Thieves Chipped Tankard. In other words, the content is cosmetic content.

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