Loki Season 2 Promo Shows Miss Minutes’ Warning About the Butterfly Effect

Loki Season 2 is almost here, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe series returning to Disney+ on Thursday, but ahead of the show’s return Miss Minutes has an important warning for folks about preserving the integrity of the timeline even with the changes at the TVA — particularly when it comes to the Butterfly Effect. On Wednesday, Marvel shared a new Loki Season 2 promo on social media in the form of an animated video featuring Miss Minutes with “A Handy Handbook How-To” addressing how sometimes accidents can “irreparably destroy reality” but don’t worry; just fill out a few forms and the TVA will get things fixed in a jiffy. You can check it out for yourself below.

While the promo itself seems pretty chipper, there is also a slightly dark undertone to it — after all, the idea of simply squishing a butterfly resulting and total devastation is pretty grim and the idea of filling out a bunch of paperwork to right that catastrophic wrong just feels very dark itself — fans are already pretty suspicious of Miss Minutes after the Loki Season 1 finale. It also doesn’t help that the Loki Season 2 trailer also revealed a black and white variant of Miss Minutes that seemed pretty spooky, too.

“I think it’s so fun because initially, we have Miss Minutes [as] kind of our introduction to the TVA. She was almost like our Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park, in that she was explaining: who are the TVA? How does the world work? What are the rules? And I think that was fun in itself,” Kate Herron, who directed Loki season 1, said in a previous interview of the anthropomorphized clock who speaks with a Southern twang. “But then I think we found, as we were developing the stories more, we just kept wanting to bring her back and spend more time with her because she’s such fun.”

What Is Loki Season 2 About?

Marvel Studios fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston stars in Loki Season 2, returning as the titular God of Mischief for another round of time-traveling hijinx on Disney+ on October 6th. Loki is once again joined by Mobius (Owen Wilson) as the two attempt to keep the timelines intact. After the events of Season 1 saw his variant Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) kill He Who Remains and unleash the wrath of Kang the Conqueror upon the Multiverse, Loki must once again embark on an adventure to keep reality from collapsing. Loki was last seen in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where he and Mobius were keeping tabs on one of Kang’s mysterious variants. Loki Season 2 will continue the story of the Multiverse Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.