Loki Director Talks Miss Minutes’ Surprising Dark Turn

Miss Minutes made her highly anticipated MCU return during the third episode of Loki Season 2 last week, and she immediately captured the attention of viewers. There was a darkness brewing beneath the surface for the character throughout Season 1, but that sinister turn is really taking shape in Season 2. Miss Minutes has plans to rule the end of time alongside some version of Kang, perhaps taking on a human form in the process, which means she probably has a substantial role to play as the series continues.

Kasra Farahani, the director of Loki‘s newest episode, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about bringing this evolved version of Miss Minutes to life on Disney+.

“Fleshing Miss Minutes out in terms of humanizing her and seeing more of her human desires and aspirations was an idea that Eric Martin put on the wall pretty early,” Farahani explained. “It was one of those ideas that made it all the way through, which doesn’t happen a lot of the time. So, to my knowledge, doing something rich with this character was pretty well embraced right away, and it’s all the more interesting because she’s a cartoon. People refer to reductive characters as cartoons in a pejorative way, and we’re trying to give Miss Minutes, a literal cartoon, these super awkward and complex emotional feelings.”

There were some hints of a more sinister Miss Minutes near the end of Loki Season 1, especially once He Who Remains came into the picture. Loki executive producer Kevin Wright recently talked with Marvel.com about planting the seeds for her turn.

“At the end of Season 1, we know she’s kind of duplicitous and she’s got a bigger plan going on. But I think it was intriguing to play with, what is that plan? Why is she doing it? In Episode 3, when she speaks to Victor Timely about the past that they had, I think it’s really kind of moving,” Wright told Marvel. “It’s weird, you get she’s an artificial intelligence, but there is some kind of maybe consciousness there that she’s had these experiences, and she kind of longs for this connection again.”

He continued, “Is her programming [written] to make that loyalty for him? Or, as she says, she was given the free will to write her own programming? Is this a naturally growing kind of emotion that she’s having? I just think that’s a cool space creatively to sit in. And of course, when she’s rejected, she’ll go off the rails. That’s fun, too, because she’s vindictive.”

Marvel Studios fan-favorite Tom Hiddleston stars in Loki Season 2, returning as the titular God of Mischief for another round of time-traveling hijinx on Disney+ on October 6th. Loki is once again joined by Mobius (Owen Wilson) as the two attempt to keep the timelines intact. After the events of Season 1 saw his variant Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) kill He Who Remains and unleash the wrath of Kang the Conqueror upon the Multiverse, Loki must once again embark on an adventure to keep reality from collapsing. Loki was last seen in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where he and Mobius were keeping tabs on one of Kang’s mysterious variants. Loki Season 2 will continue the story of the Multiverse Saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.