My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Lays Out Bakugo’s Perfect Comeback

My Hero Academia‘s manga has brought Katsuki Bakugo back to the center of the action after over a year of being out, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series has surprised with his biggest save yet! My Hero Academia last seen Bakugo in action back with Chapter 362 of the series, and while only moments might have passed for the heroes within the series, Bakugo was presumed dead for over a year in real-world time. His return back to the world of the living couldn’t have come at a better time either as All Might was in a ton of danger.

My Hero Academia ended its previous chapter with All For One nearly tearing All Might in half right in front of Izuku Midoriya as an ultimate stamp against heroes in the world at large, but surprisingly Bakugo roused himself back to life. With Deku taking quick action and Bakugo speedily heading towards the in danger All Might, the newest chapter of the series sees them teaming up for a major save with Bakugo freeing All Might from All For One’s deadly clutches.

(Photo: Shueisha)

My Hero Academia: Bakugo Saves All Might

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 picks up right after Bakugo roused himself awake as he immediately takes notice of what’s happening to All Might. Bakugo then speeds his way towards Deku, who reacts just as fast to ricochet him and make him even faster with the use of the Second’s Gearshift quirk. This was an ability Deku was only supposed to use when it came time to deal a final blow to Tomura Shigaraki, and having used it already, it’s clear this was the final time he would be able to do so.

But it ends up working as Bakugo is then able to speed up enough to tear through All For One and save All Might before the villain is able to deal the final blow. With All Might clear, Deku can now focus his attention on Shigaraki and All For One as the end of this long fight becomes more clear than ever. But it’s still very much a long road ahead as it’s much easier said than done.

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