It’s Alway Sunny in Philadelphia Teases Gritty Cameo

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is gearing up for its sixteenth season, bringing more zany exploits from The Gang to the life. Since we’re probably still a ways away from the series’ return on FX, it’s anyone’s guess as to what storylines will be in store — but apparently, that might involve a cameo from a Philadelphia icon. On Tuesday, series star and co-creator Rob McElhenney took to Twitter to share a video of his trailer on the Sunny set — as well as a trailer for Gritty, the beloved mascot from the Philadelphia Flyers.

The official Twitter account for Gritty reacted to McElhenney’s tweet with an eye emoji, seemingly hinting that the appearance will be legit. After all, Gritty has already appeared on another popular Philadelphia-set sitcom, making a surprise cameo on the second season of Abbott Elementary.

What is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia about?

In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, five friends with big egos and small brains are the proprietors of an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

The series stars McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito.

Is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia renewed?

At the time of this writing, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed through its eighteenth season, and those involved with FX have hinted that the series could go on even longer.


“It’s interesting with that show,” FX Entertainment President Eric Schrier explained last year. “The guys have been doing it for so long. As long as they feel that they creatively can maintain its vibrancy, they want to continue to do it. Creatively, the show is excellent, and we think the last season was as strong as ever. The fans love the show, so we’ll keep going as long as as they want to keep it going.”

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