Ilja Dragunov Retains WWE NXT Title with Statement Win

Earlier in the night Ilja Dragunov happened to be walking backstage when Nathan Frazer was discussing Baron Corbin with some other NXT superstars. He happened to mention that he’d prefer Baron Corbin’s life to Dragunov’s, and then the topic of family came up. Dragunov did not take kindly to that and challenged Frazer to a Title match. Dragunov was clearly looking to make a statement in the match itself, and he delivered on that in spades. While Frazer would get some offense in due to his innate talent, Dragunov was locked in, delivering so many suplexes that the crowd started chanting Suplex City. Dragunov even stopped the count on a pin to make a point and then hit three H-Bombs on the challenger to retain his Title.

Dragunov was aggressive from the start, throwing Frazer from corner to corner and connecting with vicious chops. Frazer tried to buy himself some space but then Dragunov lit up Frazer with 5 or 6 brutal chops to the chest, following it up with a suplex into a hold. Dragunov then hit another big suplex, causing the crowd to start to chant Suplex City.

Dragunov then kept attacking Frazer, but the challenger finally got some momentum, countering a move and then connecting with strikes and a big-time dropkick. Frazer stayed on the Champ, hitting two loud chops. While Frazer missed his next move, he dodged a charge from Dragunov and then jumped off the top rope and hit a missile dropkick, sending the Champ reeling to the mat.

Dragunov went for a move but Frazer landed on his feet, and then in another sequence, Frazer caught the champ and slammed him down. Frazer went up top and went for the Phoenix Splash but missed, and Dragunov hit a dropkick to knock the challenger down. Dragunov hit a powerbomb on Frazer and then hit the H-Bomb, but in the middle of the cover, he stopped the count.

Dragunov then wanted to prove a point and set up for the H-Bomb again, and he hit it and got the commanding win. That’s when Baron Corbin popped up on the video screen and pointed out how Dragunov was enraged just from Frazer saying Corbin’s life was better than his. Then Corbin said that at Deadline he’s going to take that Title from him, but they will meet face-to-face next week.

WWE NXT Deadline:

  • WWE NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (C) vs Baron Corbin
  • Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Dijak vs Trick Williams vs Josh Briggs vs Bron Breuker vs TBD
  • Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Lash Legend vs Blair Davenport vs Kelani Jordan vs TBD

NXT Deadline takes place on Saturday, December 9th.

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