Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Two New Multiplayer Maps

Halo Infinite has had a relatively rocky life post-launch. Not only has developer 343 Industries steadily seen some of its most notable personnel leave, but it’s also just not delivering the support and content fans were hoping for. Of course, the team has been dropping new patches to shore some of this up, but a recent leak is pointing toward 343 taking an even bigger step in the right direction in the form of new maps. While we don’t know anything official just yet, this would certainly fall in line with other recent leaks claiming “more than 20 maps are currently in the works.”

The two leaked maps come courtesy of Halo Leaks on Twitter. This account has successfully leaked other Halo Infinite info in the past, but that doesn’t mean you should completely trust it. As with any leak, it’s best to take it with some healthy skepticism. That said, there does seem to be something here. One of the maps that are being shown in the leaks is called Solitude. Long-time followers of Halo Leaks will note that the account actually leaked an in-development version of that map back in August 2022. Obviously, those two leaks come from the same source, but it does at least show some consistency across the leaks. On top of that, Halo Leaks claims that Solitude is a remake of Plaza from Halo 5 that’s been created in Forge.

The other map doesn’t have a final name, simply called “Forest” for now. Unlike Solitude, this map seems to be a brand-new creation from the dev team. Given the work needed to build a balanced map, we can probably expect to get a healthy mix of new and remade maps going forward if that leaked estimate of more than 20 maps is true.

Both maps look relatively far along visually, though we’re only given a single location shot per map. There’s surely still some time to go before they’re ready, making it tough to speculate on when we’ll see them in-game. Regardless, this is definitely an important step forward for Halo Infinite if it turns out to be true. The game is certainly fun to play, but 343 needs to continue delivering content if it wants to keep the playerbase around for the long haul.