My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Stuns With Heartbreaking Todoroki Family Reunion

The My Hero Academia manga has reached the climax of a new phase of the Final Act as Dabi has been burning his body more than ever before, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of My Hero Academia stunned fans with a heartbreaking and unexpected reunion for the Todoroki Family! Endeavor and his impact on the rest of his family has been one of the main pillars of My Hero Academia‘s story overall, and things got even more heated when Shoto and Dabi faced off against one another for the final time. But Dabi was far from finished after that fight came to an end.

Dabi’s been saving up heat within his body and was planning to blow himself up, and had been spending the last few My Hero Academia chapters flying at full speed with the intent of somehow taking out the rest of his family along with him. The previous My Hero Academia manga chapter then saw Endeavor trying his best to stop his son, and was soon met by Rei Todoroki as she tried to stop Dabi as well. But that was far from the end of this tragic family reunion.

MHA: What Happens to the Todoroki Family?

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 reveals that when she saw Dabi’s giant flame quickly approaching, Rei headed to the scene of the fight as soon as possible. Endeavor tries to get her to back away lest she die like he and Dabi, but Rei refuses. Dabi, even in his disastrous state of mind speeding towards death, manages to recognizes his mother and all she wants to do is apologize to him. Natsu and Fuyumi start approaching Rei, Endeavor, and Dabi as well and their bodies begin to burn the closer they get to the center.

Both Fuyumi and Natsu plead with Dabi to stop because they don’t want any more loss on their hands, and Endeavor still tries to get through to his son to make sure that only he is the one that has to die as a sort of atonement. The final moments of My Hero Academia Chapter 388 then briefly reveals what it looks like inside of his mind as Toya is happily smiling with the rest of his family while the reality is much more distressing.

But with Shoto quickly heading there as well, it’s a Todoroki Family reunion that could turn tragic before all is said and done. How do you think it will work out for Dabi and the Todoroki Family? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!