“Final Waves” of Apex Legends Cross-Progression Happening This Week

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment first told players that they would finally get access to cross-progression alongside the launch of Season 19. However, when the season launched, it was only available for a small group of players. That wasn’t because Respawn had only picked a select few to test out the feature, but instead, the developer had run into a few backend issues that were stopping cross-progression from coming to everyone. Since then, the developer has been working to fix the issues, and players have been getting into the program on a rolling basis. Today, Respawn announced that it will be rolling out the “final waves” of Apex Legends’ cross-progression later this week.

In the announcement tweet, Respawn said, “Heads up, legends: We’ll be rolling out the final waves of cross-progression to all remaining Apex Legends accounts this week. For players who already received the prompt, you are all set! All profiles linked to that EA account are now merged. As a reminder, we cannot merge profiles that are linked to different EA accounts.”

As you can see, Respawn didn’t give a firm date for when the rollouts will happen, but if you haven’t gotten the message, it should be coming soon. Of course, with how many issues the developers have been having, another might be thrown into the spanner and push back some of the waves, but that seems very unlikely at this stage. By the end of the week, cross-progression should be available across the board, finally fixing an issue that’s been lingering on Apex Legends players’ minds for a few weeks.

What’s Next for Apex Legends?

Recently, Respawn Entertainment brought Conduit to Apex Legends alongside the Season 19 update. The next season won’t kick off until February, but fans may get some type of holiday event next month. Most likely, Apex will get some new festive skins. Last year, fans got the Wintertide Collection Event, and they’re probably in for more of the same this year.

Unfortunately, Respawn hasn’t given its fans any indication of exactly what’s coming. Last year, the event started on December 6, so we’ll likely start to hear more next week if the team sticks to the same schedule. Again, things could change, but these things generally follow the same pattern from year to year.

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation, Switch, mobile, Xbox, and PC platforms.