Dynamite’s Gargoyles Reboot Sales Wild Number of Copies

Before too long at all, the Defenders of the Night will return. This December, Dynamite Entertainment is launching Gargoyles, a comic series picking up from the events of the animated series. Not only has the upcoming comics launch refueled the fandom behind the cult classic, but it is also officially Dynamite’s highest selling comic of the year. While attending the annual Diamond Retailer Summit at Baltimore Comic Con on Saturday, executives with the publisher revealed over 100,000 copies have been sold across the various covers for Gargoyles #1.

The book is still available for pre-order as Dynamite’s Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) for the issue is on November 14th before it hits the shelves at your local comic store on December 7th.

Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman is writing the series for Dynamite with George Kambadais on lineart duty for the first arc. It’s being solicited as an ongoing series with Weisman said to be “shepherding” the new stories for Dynamite, suggesting that potential spinoffs and the like could be in the works.

Under Dynamite’s new licensing deal, the publisher is also set to reprint the two previous comic runs featuring the fabled characters–the classic 1990s Marvel run and a more recent series published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2006. The SLG run also picked up following the events of Gargoyles Season 2, so it’s currently unclear whether the new Dynamite series will follow that series or retcon it.

“I literally can’t articulate how thrilled I am to be writing Gargoyles stories again, both for returning fans and newcomers,” Weisman previoulsy said of the new series. “It’s just a joy to be exploring a world populated by Goliath, the entire Manhattan Clan, all their friends, and every single one of their enemies. I’ve been wanting to get back to these characters for some time now and having this opportunity rocks! (Pun intended).”


“Gargoyles was a huge influence on me,” added editor Nate Cosby. “It’s incredible that I get to help tell new stories about these characters that I love, written by the person that created them. Maintaining Greg’s vision of this world is a responsibility and an honor that I take seriously. New readers and longtime fans are going to be absolutely thrilled by what Greg, George and Jeff have in store.”