Dixit: Disney Edition Available Now

Libellud’s ever-popular Dixit franchise just got a bit of that Disney magic, and now fans can bring the game home. Libellud and Asmodee’s Dixit: Disney Edition is now available exclusively at Barnes & Noble for $39.99, and you can order the game right here. Coinciding with Disney’s 100th anniversary, Dixit: Disney Edition features the stellar gameplay of the original but embraces the grand world of Disney, and was designed by Dixit creator Jean-Louis Roubira with illustrations by artist Natalie Dombois. Disney favorites like Aladdin, Hercules, Lion King, Robin Hood, and more are all featured in stunning fashion, and you can check out the game up close below.

Dixit: Disney Edition was developed over three years, and included over 500 theme proposals. The cards and themes that made the cut are truly impressive, encompassing a wide variety of films and franchises. The standalone game includes 84 cards that span Disney’s rich history, featuring everything from Steamboat Willie to Turning Red, and did I mention Oliver & Company? Yes, there’s an Oliver & Company card and we should all rejoice that the underrated gem is getting some shine.

(Photo: Libellud)

For those unfamiliar with Dixit, players will get a theme and then attempt to play a card that fits the story and clues given. Then players guess which card was the real answer and score accordingly, and while it’s all based on your own interpretations of the clue, you can gain points by swaying people to choose your card instead.

“We’re really excited about this collaboration,” says Libellud Head of Studio, Mathieu Aubert. “Dixit Disney brings together two beloved brands, who share values of creativity, inspiration and a commitment to quality. This partnership and the opportunity to create artwork from the Disney universe are a dream come true and we cannot wait to bring the game to fans across the globe.” You can find the official description for Dixit: Disney Edition below, and you can order the game right here.

“Dixit Disney is a simple and lighthearted game of storytelling, interpretation, and guesswork. Players will be challenged and delighted as they reveal a series of cards featuring gorgeous Disney-themed images. Their connection: an enigmatic statement centered on one of the revealed cards. Find the correct image and score points. With 84 new cards based on iconic Disney & Pixar films, from Steamboat Willie to Turning Red, Dixit Disney will captivate players.

The game’s enchanting artwork, by Illustrator Natalie Dombois, took two years from conception to completion. Creating the 84 cards (each based on one of 84 Disney and Pixar films) relied on a meticulous process, comprised of multiple stages, and involving contributions from the entire Libellud team – over 500 written proposals! The finished images pay tribute to Disney’s iconic themes, while staying true to the layered concepts in the Dixit universe. “

Dixit Disney – Key Features and Components

Magical game of imagery and storytelling, based on the world of Disney
84 new and beautifully illustrated cards by Natalie Dombois
Compatible with past and future Dixit Universe games and expansions
6 Wooden, Disney-shaped meeples
6 Voting dials
Game board
Plastic tray
Played using the same rules as the base game and includes new material from the Dixit 3-to-8-player refresh
Supports 3 – 6 players
Designed for ages 8+
Duration of ~30 minutes

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