Becky Lynch Adds Major Stipulation to Tiffany Stratton WWE NXT Women’s Title Match at No Mercy

WWE’s Becky Lynch took down Tiffany Stratton to become the new NXT Women’s Champion on last week’s episode of NXT, and tonight she kicked off the show with a promo in the ring. It wasn’t long before Stratton took issue with some of the things Lynch was saying, and that led to a challenge for a Title match at No Mercy between the two superstars. The two stars would battle later in the night in a 2-on-1 match, and while Lynch would get some unexpected help, she still had quite enough from Stratton’s antics during the match. That led to Lynch adding a major stipulation to their match at No Mercy, making the match an Extreme Rules match.

This will make an already big match at No Mercy even bigger, and potentially more shocking, since anything typically goes in an Extreme Rules match. Roxanne Perez and Blair Davenport recently battled it out in a Weapons Wild match, and that delivered several shocking moments. You should expect no less from Stratton and Lynch in an Extreme Rules match, and it will easily be one of the most anticipated matches on No Mercy’s evolving card.

It remains to be seen if Stratton’s newest ally will have any role to play in the match at No Mercy. That would be Kiana James, who recently teamed up with Stratton after facing Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship. James isn’t a big fan of Lynch, and that was on display when James came to the ring and attacked Lynch alongside Stratton. James tried to hold Lynch for Stratton, but Lynch was able to turn the tables.

(Photo: WWE)

Later on, Lynch accepted a 2 on 1 match against Stratton and James, turning down help from Roxanne Perez. Stratton and James would ambush Lynch as she headed down towards the ring, and they continued to attack Lynch in the ring. Lyra Valkyria made the save though and joined Lynch for the match, evening the odds. By the end of the match, Lynch called out Stratton, adding the Extreme Rules stipulation to their match at No Mercy.

Stratton and Valkyria are already acquainted with each other, as they faced each other for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Battleground. That was their first one-on-one match in NXT, and Stratton would leave the match the new NXT Women’s Champion. During a previous conversation with, Stratton talked about matching up with Valkyria and heading into their biggest NXT stage yet.

“I have no idea what Lyra’s like in that situation. We’ve never, ever locked up before. I don’t think she’s ever been on this big of a stage as well. I think the only time was at Stand and Deliver, and that was for me as well. But yeah, I have no idea what to expect against Lyra. I just know that I’m one that rises to the occasion, and she could be one that crumbles when it comes to pressure. I guess we’ll find out this Sunday,” Stratton said.

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