Critical Role’s Ashley Johnson Files Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Ex-Boyfriend Brian W. Foster

Content warning: The below article includes graphic content and language in relation to domestic violence.

Critical Role star Ashley Johnson has filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Brian W. Foster, citing numerous acts of domestic violence and “acts of terror” against her and her family. has reviewed several legal documents, including a temporary restraining order request filed on May 19th. According to the request, Johnson states that on “May 15, 2023, the police issued an [Emergency Protective Order] due to [Foster] having attempted to extort $150,000 from me (television/film actress), his history of verbal abuse, his very unhinged mind from his addictive use of narcotics, and several other reasons.” Johnson stated that after Foster was forced to leave her home on May 15th, she found a “garotte and several airsoft guns” in a bag that she claims he carried with him after the pair broke up earlier this year.

The restraining order request also notes several other incidents, including Foster allegedly locking Johnson out of the Internet on all of her devices and changing the Ring camera passwords after what Johnson describes as a “huge fight” earlier this year. The request cites a history of alleged domestic abuse, describing behavior that includes “broke glasses, broke gates, and slamming doors,” and calling Johnson “stupid, useless, f-cking bitch, f-cking c-nt.”

Johnson also cites an Instagram post from Foster, which had a location of “Robert Blake’s Garden,” seemingly a reference to the deceased actor Robert Blake, who was found liable for the wrongful death of his second wife Bonny Lee Bakley. In the filing, Johnson cites a personal connection to Bakley and claims that it was an attempt to frighten her.

Johnson, a well-known actress who has appeared in The Avengers and The Last of Us, and Foster worked together on Critical Role for several years, with Johnson appearing on weekly programming and Foster working as the host on a weekly Q&A show. Foster also appeared on several secondary Critical Role programs but broke away from the franchise in August 2021 to “pursue other projects.” The split was described as amicable at the time, but Foster hinted in several comments that it was not his decision to leave Critical Role. Some have criticized Foster’s antagonism towards parts of the Critical Role fandom, but Foster seemed to have moved on to other projects, including an interview podcast and a Twitch channel.

A judge granted Johnson’s request and ordered Foster to stay 500 yards away from Johnson until a court date in June.