CM Punk Returns to CFFC Commentary in First Post AEW All Out Appearance

While there’s been plenty of rumors and reports regarding AEW’s All Out brawl and the subsequence suspension of The Elite and CM Punk, Punk hasn’t done any public appearances since then and has been relatively low-key. That’s why it was a surprise to see him on commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships during tonight’s CFFC 114, which aired on UFC Fight Pass, and it marks his first major appearance, especially in regards to UFC or wrestling, since he was last seen in All Elite Wrestling. You can check out a photo of him in action below (via @WrestlingCovers).

Punk has previously worked with CFFC quite a bit over the years, though not as much since he debuted in AEW. It seems he is back in the mix now though, so we might be seeing him on a more regular basis on commentary for future events. Punk hasn’t commented on his CFFC 114 return yet.

AEW hasn’t made any official confirmations or statements regarding the investigation into the All Out confrontation between Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite, though recent rumors suggest the investigation has concluded and that Punk isn’t likely to return to AEW. There have been suggestions of a contract buyout and since the event Steel has been let go by the company.

Meanwhile, The Elite seem to be on their way back to television, as they have been teased in videos over the past few weeks. With Full Gear right around the corner, some are theorizing that they will make their big return at the pay-per-view.

Other rumors are saying that perhaps there is a future for Punk and WWE to reconcile down the line, though he wouldn’t be able to wrestle for a bit if that happened, as Punk suffered a triceps injury during his match against Jon Moxley at All Out. There wasn’t much of a chance for that to happen with Vince McMahon still running the show, and when asked about it recently, Triple H seemed to leave the door open for something to happen down the line.


Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but at least Punk is back in the mix with CFFC, and perhaps this means we’ll see more of him moving forward.