Bullet Club Gold Earns AEW Tag Team Titles Shot on Collision, Match Date and Stipulation Revealed

AEW Collision didn’t have Championship gold on the line, but there was an opportunity to get one step closer to it. One of the most anticipated matches of the night was an Eliminator Match between current AEW Tag Team Champions FTR and Bullet Club Gold. With the stipulation, if Bullet Club Gold won, they would earn a shot at the Tag Team Championships. If FTR won, Bullet Club Gold could not challenge for the Titles again as long as FTR were Champions. The match that followed was absolutely thrilling and full of twists and turns, and at several points, the match seemed over. It would ultimately be Bullet Club Gold walking away with the win, and now the Title match and its stipulation has been revealed.

Dax and White tagged in and they exchanged holds, with Dax getting the better of the exchange at first. Then Dax knocked Jay down and then threw him with a hip toss before locking down White in another hold. White tried to counter but Dax retained control until Jay got to the bottom rope. Robinson tagged in and Cash tagged in, locking up as Robinson yelled at Cash not to grab his hair. Cash reversed the hold and slammed Robinson down, but was knocked down twice right afterward. That sequenced ended badly for Robinson though, as Cash caught Robinson with a Bucky Flip and got the knees up, sending Robinson to the outside.

White tagged in and started clubbing Cash, but then Cash ended up outside the ring and quickly ran back in until all four were in the ring. They all battled and FTR ended up hitting Stereo suplexes on Bullet Club. Dax went to work on Robinson with big chops, while Cash hit chops of his own on White on the other side. Robinson slammed Dax’s leg into the steel steps while Cash was back in the ring with White, and a tag from Dax would knock White into a cover, but he kicked out.

Dax had White in a corner and delivered another chop, and then hit another three before hitting an elbow drop on White. Back from break, Cash got a near fall on Robinson and then hit a missile dropkick on Robinson before going for a pin, but Robinson kicked out. Robinson had his head slammed into the turnbuckle but he turned things around, biting Cash on the head. Robinson then hit Cash in the head three times but Cash brought Robinson down on his knee, hitting a low blow.

White tried to interfere and it eventually worked, as Cash ended up being thrown to the outside. While the referee was distracted, White slammed Cash onto the ring apron, but Cash was able to get back in time to beat the count. Robinson kept charging into Cash in the corner, and White tagged in and did the same. Chops followed and then Robinson tagged in, and White hit a backbreaker before Robinson hit a Senton.

Robinson hit a headbutt on Cash and tagged in White, who locked in a hold and put pressure on Cash’s hurt ribs. White stomped on Cash and then went for the submission, posing while Cash was in pain. Dax then went in and broke up the hold in front of the referee, and White went out and threw Dax into the barricade.

Cash was pushed back in Bullet Club’s corner after White was back in the ring, but Cash fought back a bit and rolled up White for a full 3 count, but Robinson had distracted the official. White then slammed into Cash and suplexed Cash into the turnbuckle, but Cash kicked out of the pin. White and Cash exchanged punches and then Cash punched Robinson off the apron, but White slammed down Cash in the middle of the ring.

Cash tried to get to Dax but was prevented from doing so by Robinson, who knocked Dax off from the apron. Cash was battling both White and Robinson at this point and holding his own, but White threw Cash over the top rope to the floor to halt the comeback. Cash got back into the ring and White pounced before tagging Robinson in, who went up top and collided with Cash. Dax was back up in their corner, and Robinson then hit a splash on Cash into a cover, but Cash kicked out.

Robinson focused on the damaged midsection of Cash again with a hold, but Cash got some punches in before getting hit with a clothesline. Cash kicked out of the pin but was knocked back down by Robinson. Robinson punched Cash but Cash reversed another move and slammed Robinson down. Cash got the tag to Dax who attacked and hit both White and Robinson. Dax pinned White but White kicked out, and then Dax clotheslined White before hitting a German Suplex.

Dax hit another German Suplex and then went for another, but White managed to reverse it. Dax then hit a Vertical Suplex and went for the cover, but White kicked out. Dax put White up on the top rope and chopped him before moving up to him. Robinson went up and knocked Dax down, and then Robinson went to work on Cash, but Cash slammed Robinson down on the ring apron.

This left White up top and Dax vulnerable in the ring, but Dax got to his feet. Dax went up top and Cash went up on the other turnbuckle. Dax hit the suplex and Cash followed before Dax pinned White, but White kicked out. Dax tagged in Cash but Dax got thrown out of the ring. Cash missed White and then got punched by Robinson, and White slammed Cash down. Dax saved Cash from a finisher and FTR went for their finisher but Robinson interrupted. Another near fall by Cash ended up in a secret tag by Dax who hit the piledriver into a cover, and Robinson then broke it up at the last minute.

Cash was thrown into the post by Robinson, who tagged in next against Dax. Robinson went for a move but was pushed by Dax, and then White tagged in. Robinson hit the move and then White slammed Dax down with a suplex into a cover, but Dax kicked out. Cash saved Dax on another finisher and Robinson was thrown out. White slammed Cash down and then went for a move on Dax, and then Dax hit a powerbomb on White for the pin, but somehow White kicked out.

Dax grabbed White and hit a shoulder tackle into a pin, but White kicked out again. Robinson then kicked Dax but Cash caught him with a power slam. White hit a Bladerunner on Cash, and White and Dax got up to their feet. They exchanged punches and forearms and then chops. White then kicked Dax in the knee and delivered more chops to Dax’s chest. Dax then dodged a chop and went to lift White, but Robinson tagged in. Dax rolled up White but he wasn’t the legal man, and Robinson took advantage and slammed Dax down into a cover, getting the final pin.

After the match, the Title match was made official for next week’s Collision. It will be a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the Titles, and it should be just as great if not better than their match tonight.

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