Jey Uso Challenges Roman Reigns to Undisputed WWE Title Match at SummerSlam on SmackDown

It was a rollercoaster night for The Usos, who put Roman Reigns on trial to begin tonight’s WWE SmackDown. The Usos would, unfortunately, be on the receiving end of a brutal attack from Reigns and Solo Sikoa, specifically Jimmy Uso, who was beaten down with steel steps numerous times as Jey was made to watch. Jey wasn’t done with Reigns though, as he would come out late in the episode from the crowd. After taking care of Sikoa, Jey would attack Reigns and even hold his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship before challenging Reigns for the Title at SummerSlam.

After coming down through the crowd, Jey attacked Sikoa and threw him into the ring post, and then Reigns started talking to Jey and telling him to leave. Jey got a chair and went into the ring with it, slamming it into Reigns and knocking him down. As Jey was about to hit Reigns with the chair again, Sikoa caught the chair and got it away from Jey.

Jey would then hit Sikoa with a superkick and hit Sikoa in the midsection with the chair, knocking the enforcer to the mat. Reigns and Heyman would walk to the ramp, and at this point, Jey brutally beat down Sikoa with the chair nine times. Reigns didn’t come to save Sikoa, and as Reigns watched from the ramp Jey picked up Reigns’ Title.

While holding the Title Jey said, “It’s like that. It’s like that now. This fool took Jimmy from me. At SummerSlam, guess what, Trial of the Tribal Chief. You’re looking at the Judge, the jury, and the executioner right now. Hey, now, I got to get you. This right here. It’s trial by combat. I don’t give a damn about no brothers. No wise man, just me and you, one on one. Hey man, you better accept my challenge, so I can whoop your ass one more time.”

Earlier in the episode, Reigns and Sikoa focused their attack on Jimmy Uso, with Sikoa keeping Jey at bay. Reigns would slam Jimmy into the steel steps and then would pick up the steel steps and hit Jimmy with them numerous times. If that wasn’t enough, Reigns and Sikoa then put Jimmy on the announce table and Sikoa would hit the splash on Jimmy, shattering the table in the process.

Jimmy had to be taken away on a stretcher to a local medical facility, and there’s no report on injuries or when he’ll return to action. If Jimmy’s out of action for a bit, Jey might have to roll alone on SmackDown in the coming weeks, and that could be dangerous now that he’s challenged Reigns to a match at SummerSlam.

We’ll have to wait and see how that all plays out, but if Reigns vs Jey does happen, it will likely be the main event at the big show. Other likely matches are Asuka vs Charlotte Flair, though that seems more likely to become a Triple Threat with how things are progressing with Bianca Belair. We also might be getting Shayna Baszler vs Ronda Rousey, who kicked off a feud at Money in the Bank. And as we saw tonight, IYO SKY is out there with the Money in the Bank briefcase, as is Damian Priest, and both are likely to figure into SummerSlam plans.

What did you think of the match and do you think Jey can win at SummerSlam? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Threads @mattaguilarcb!