Bray Wyatt Loses It on WWE SmackDown, Attacks a Cameraman

Last week WWE fans were introduced to Bray Wyatt’s Uncle Howdy on SmackDown, proving that he wasn’t the one responsible for the attacks on LA Knight. Tonight Wyatt came out to address Uncle Howdy, Knight, and where he is personally, but his earnest promo was cut short. Wyatt started losing his train of thought and then he bent down and looked out of it for a minute, and that’s when he suddenly charged forward toward the cameraman and attacked him, locking him in a submission until he was freed by security.

Wyatt started out with an honest promo in the ring. “I try to reveal to you the realest me I know of, but I don’t know if there is a real me. I don’t know man, but I do know one thing. LA Knight owes me an apology man, Wyatt said. “Nobody listened to me man. He didn’t believe me. You didn’t believe me did you? Be honest. You thought it was me for a minute at least (laughs).”

Wyatt continued, saying “Yeah, but the truth is, I am not Uncle Howdy. I never was Uncle Howdy. When I think about whatever Uncle Howdy, uh, I’m sorry I lost my train of thought. I’m sorry.” He then looked like he was struggling and then bent down, looking at the ground.

Then he suddenly raised up and charged into the cameraman in the corner, and the camera could be seen flying all around as he tried to get away from Wyatt. Wyatt would get his hands on the cameraman though and would lock him down to the mat, applying a mandible claw to his jaw and mouth as security ran out to the ring. They went to pull the cameraman out and attend to him while everyone else was in shock, and meanwhile, Wyatt looked as if he was in some sort of trance.

We’ll have to wait and find out what caused this next week, but perhaps that will be when Uncle Howdy returns. We still aren’t sure of his motives or what’s really been going on with Wyatt, but hopefully, the answers aren’t too far away.


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