Daredevil Star Charlie Cox Addresses Deadpool 3 Cameo Rumors

After years of hopes and campaigning from fans, Charlie Cox‘s portrayal of Matt Murdock / Daredevil is now firmly within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus far, the character has returned in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, before carrying over to his own 18-episode revival series Daredevil: Born Again. While the sky seems to be the limit regarding where Cox’s version of the character could appear next, he recently confirmed one upcoming MCU project that will not be among them. In a recent interview with TechRadar, Cox addressed rumors that he might be appearing in Deadpool 3, which were sparked by his own comments at a fan convention. As Cox revealed, that is not the case.

“Oh god, what did I say again? Oh yeah, I said that in Germany, didn’t I? I can tell you now, I’m definitely not in Deadpool 3,” Cox explained. “If it ends up being true, I’ve inadvertently spoiled something. If it isn’t, fans who are excited about something I say will end up being disappointed.”

What is Deadpool 3 about?

Deadpool 3 will be directed by Shawn Levy, with a script written by Bob’s Burgers‘ Wendy Molyneaux and Lizzie Molyneaux-Loeglin, with Deadpool and Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick reportedly also returning to contribute to the script.

“It’s not like adding Hugh Jackman to a movie like this is a hard sell,” Reynolds sa It’s an immediate and emphatic, unqualified yes. It’s a lot of moving parts and Fox and X-Men and all that kind of stuff that Marvel needs to sort through. A lot of red tape in order to make that happen. And they did it. And I’m really grateful that they did it, because for me, working with Hugh is a dream come true. But working with Logan and having Logan and Wade together in a movie is beyond any dream I would ever be audacious enough to have. So I’m really, really super f-cking excited to do this film.”

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Both Daredevil: Born Again and Deadpool 3 are poised to debut in 2024.