Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War’s New Villains are Perfect

Bleach has finally returned to bring the Thousand Year Blood War Arc to the small screen, and with the Shonen’s comeback, the Soul Society is staring down their most terrifying enemies to date in the Wandenreich. With the new supernatural threat having some major ties to the family known as the Quincies, there are more than a few reasons as to why this collection of antagonists is the perfect choice to give Ichigo Kurosaki and his allies a serious run for their money.

To start with why the Sternritter is the perfect foil for the Soul Society, their powers make them terrifying in the face of the Soul Reapers specifically, as they are able to eliminate Bankais entirely if given the opportunity. During Ichigo’s first encounter with the Wandenreich member known as Ebern, Kurosaki was quite close to losing his essential power-ups during an arc where he will need them now more than ever. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the threat that is facing the Shinigami, especially considering the events that took place in the latest Blood War-centric episode.

Bleach Villains Are A Different Breed

The Quincies didn’t waste any time in immediately launching attacks on both the Soul Society and the Arrancar, with it being clear that the Wandenreich don’t take preference when it comes to sweeping the board of the afterlife. The Qunicies’ leader, Yhwach, hasn’t demonstrated his full power as of yet, but the brief glimpses that anime viewers have seen so far tell us everything we need to know. Able to pop the heads of his followers with only a glance, the Arrancar were unable to turn the tide of battle, not just thanks to the villainous leader, but the foot soldiers that clearly are packing some serious heat.

Bleach has, in the past, had opportunities to kill major characters but ultimately wouldn’t pull the trigger, causing the cast to become quite large for both heroes and villains alike. The Wandenreich seem to have been taking notes on this fact as they have blown away both Arrancar and Soul Society members in a relatively short time frame, leaving fans to wonder who will make it out of this final season alive.

The Ties That Bleach

Another major element that helps sell the Wandenreich is their connection to the Quincy Family, the lineage that is responsible for giving us the supporting character Uryu Ishida. Obviously, this new antagonistic force will have Ishida having to make some tough choices when it comes to where his allegiances ultimately lie, but it’s that kind of conflict that can help move a character from the background to the foreground.

The Sternritter have also placed Ichigo and his friends into a tough new position where it looks like the Soul Society will need to rely on the Arrancar as allies this time around, with previous arcs seeing the Shinigami and the former Hollows at each others’ throats. Whether the two sides become one in the face of this new supernatural threat is yet to be seen, but it seems as though this partnership might be the only thing that can save the Soul Reapers.

With the Thousand Year Blood War Arc still in its early phases, expect some major villainy to take place from the Wandenreich as Bleach’s latest season continues.


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