Black Clover Cliffhanger Unleashes the Ultimate Black Bulls

Black Clover has reached a major turning point in the final arc of Yuki Tabata‘s manga, and the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series has unleashed the the ultimate version of Asta’s Black Bulls squad! The Ultimate Wizard King arc has been fairly transformative for Asta since it first began. Although he took a major loss to Lucius Zogratis and sent to the far away Land of the Sun, this ended up working out in Asta’s favor as he was able to train with a new technique that would help level the playing field against the Paladins.

This training brought Asta to a whole new level of power for the final arc, and the Black Bulls previously bet everything on bringing Asta back to the Clover Kingdom with the Door of Fate ritual. Although they had taken lots of damage and all of them were near death in the fight against the Paladin Damnatio, they were successful in bringing Asta to the main battlefield. And as of the end of the newest Black Clover chapter, the Black Bulls have been rewarded with new power as a result of all that fighting to bring back Asta as he shared his anti-magic with them.

Black Clover: The Ultimate Black Bulls Explained

Black Clover Chapter 367 confirms that Asta was able to defeat Damnatio with a single use of his Zetten technique, and the Witch Queen uses the last of her magic to save the Black Bulls from death. She confirms that thanks to Nero’s sealing magic powers, none of the Black Bulls had lost their lives despite all of the damage they had taken. A flashback then reveals that Ryuya helped Asta to figure out that because he can channel his Anti-Magic power into objects, he could have the ability to do the same to other people as well.

Asta then tests out this theory with a reverse use of his Demon Dweller sword, and thanks to his new better control of Anti-Magic forged through his Zetten training, Asta was able to share his demonic power with his fellow Black Bulls. Each of them comes back to life immediately, and is powered up for the real fight against the Paladins to come as they ready to turn the tables at last. But they’re all together this time, and once they reunite with Noelle and Yami, things will certainly turn around.

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