Starfield’s Preload Date Seemingly Revealed by Amazon

Starfield‘s release date is quickly approaching, which means that players are itching to start the download process. After all, it was revealed last month that Starfield’s download size is coming in at an astronomical 125 GBs. Understandably, players would like to have some time to finish that download well ahead of Starfield’s September 6 release date. If a new Amazon listing is to be believed, that preload might actually be starting very soon, which is great news for players, especially after we’ve recently seen a game like Baldur’s Gate 3 give players no opportunity to preload ahead of launch.

The Amazon listing was first noticed by ResetEra, where user stopmrdomino made a quick post highlighting the Amazon listing. Now, it’s important to say that you should take this with a grain of salt. Obviously, Amazon listings can and do change often, so until we hear something concrete from either Bethesda or Microsoft, it’s not worth getting your hopes up too much. That said, the listing does include the same download size as what’s been previously listed, so there does seem to be a good chance this is legit.


As mentioned, that would be great news for players, especially anyone on a slower internet connection. Seeing Baldur’s Gate 3 launch without a preload option made it clear how important this feature is because making players wait several hours to download a game after it’s “live” is always going to be a bad look. Considering that this is one of Microsoft’s biggest releases in recent memory, the console maker needs to do everything it can to make sure Starfield hits in a major way. This is a small step in that direction, but it’s undoubtedly music to many players’ ears.

It’s worth noting that Starfield fans have been pumping the hype up massively in the last few months. We’ve seen players creating their own ships in Blender to prep and even seen someone go through all the pre-release material and put together what looks like the entire skill tree. It’s safe to say that when Starfield launches on Xbox and PC platforms on September 6, fans are going to flock to it in droves.