Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 2 Recap With Spoilers: “New Beginnings”

Last episode of Yellowstone saw John Dutton cheat death after having a ruptured ulcer while Beth started to formulate a plan to protect the Yellowstone as Dan and Rainwater continue their plans to take the Duttons down. This week, everyone is looking towards the future which sees John recovering from his medical emergency while Kayce tries to step up as the heir apparent with mixed results. Here’s what happened in Season 2 Episode 2 of Yellowstone, “New Beginnings”.

Fair warning: spoilers for Yellowstone beyond this point. Read on only if you really want to know.

What Happened in “New Beginnings”?

In the hospital, John is ready to go home against doctor’s orders, but he gives in and lets the doctor to at least check out his incision. He’s healing up, but the doctor doesn’t like how John is taking care of himself and he sends him to do some physical rehabilitation — swimming, twice a week. He also gives John a lecture about how he could have avoided all of this had he just done his follow up care like he was supposed to. Kayce takes John home and the pair argue with John reminding him he’s not supposed to fight as well as Kayce questioning how he’s supposed to share a sleeping quarters with people he won’t defend. John says he plans to fix that. John also tells Kayce he needs to start living again and Kayce says he doesn’t know how to.

Meanwhile, Beth meets with Bob Schwartz in her office so they can start buying up the land around the Yellowstone. They check out a large parcel, but it’s not for sale. Beth tells the owner that everything has a price and when he says his is $9 million, Bob simply writes a check. Back at the ranch, the workers are working on a new fence and Rip gets into it with Walker as Rip thinks the other man is not loyal. They end up getting into a fight and Walker pulls a knife. Lloyd pulls a gun to stop things, prompting Walker to leave the ranch, but Rip warns him that he will find him. However, before Walker can leave, he runs into John and Kayce and John sends him back into the bunkhouse.

John ends up making Kayce officially in charge and then calls for Rip. Rip is informed of the change and that he has to give up his personal space to Kayce and thus, move back into the bunkhouse. Rip walks back into the bunkhouse with his things, but things remain tense with Walker. The next day, it’s clear that Kayce is in charge — though Rip is unimpressed. The wranglers start rounding up cattle with Walker being followed by Rip. Rip starts chasing him, knocking him from his horse. However, before Rip can do anything, Kayce intervenes. Kayce and Rip end up fighting and eventually, Kayce wins.

Later, Beth talks to Rip, about what’s going on. He says they’re his family even if they don’t consider him one. Beth goes to visit Kayce and asks why he doesn’t live in the big house and she doesn’t buy his excuses why. They disagree about their opinions on Rip and Beth says that Monica left him because she didn’t want Kayce to turn into their father, which is exactly what is happening. Kayce says he’s just trying to protect the ranch and Beth tells him she’s the one doing that. She tells him to go home and that when John dies, she’ll leave everything to him. The next day, Kayce takes John for his swimming rehab. Turns out, Monica is also there for hers and they see each other. Kayce also sees Monica.