Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: “Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow, And You”

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone “Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow, And You” opens with the ride. John encourages Beth to appreciate the view of the ranch, but she rebuffs him and tells Rip that she doesn’t really find it all that beautiful. She prefers things to be smaller and she doesn’t like sharing things she finds to be beautiful. Meanwhile, at Mo’s house, things are rattled by helicopters flying very low over the property. He heads off to follow and find out what they’re doing. He’s told by armed officers that the area is closed for an event something that the tribe is apparently unaware of. An officer starts shooting dogs calling them strays, even though they are people’s pets. Mo deduces that the President may be coming.

Jamie is in bed with Sarah. He’s trying to figure out why she keeps ending up in his bed. She takes offense to it, and he notes his own insecurities. She asks him why he’s not governor. She tells him that her ulterior motive is to get him elected governor so she can reinstate the airport lease, something that she’s just now come to. They end up in the shower together and he agrees.

At the Yellowstone, Summer wanders around alone and starts looking at old photo albums before going out to the property and over to the camp where Monica is helping with the food for the branding. Monica tells her about how she upset the family when she first showed up but now Beth is aware she’s not a threat. Monica also says that cities are the opposite of nature.

Kayce and his son find some of the cattle and start to drive them where they need them to go with the others. The rounding up of the cattle is going better than expected. Back on the reservation, Chief Rainwater shows up and discovers that Angela authorized and set up this visit so he can endorse Martin instead of the Chief.

Monica finds Summer at the family cemetery, including the grave of Monica’s son. Summer says she shouldn’t be here, but Monica says if she’s wanting to understand John, that’s exactly where she should be. Back on the drive, Rip takes Beth to a quiet meadow, a more private place that Rip found before they got married. He gives her a flask and her cigarettes, and she’s moved by it. The next morning, as everyone’s getting ready to head back down, they discover that Buck has died in his sleep. When they get back, John goes to find his wife to tell her and comfort her. As he’s comforting her, a camera crew notices and films it.


As everyone eats and relaxes during the branding, Lynelle tells John that the President will be in the state soon and John should see him. He says if the President wants to see him, he’ll have to come to the ranch. There’s also some tension as Lynelle seems bothered by Summer’s presence. Later, at Jamie’s house, he and Sarah watch the news and see the footage of John comforting Buck’s wife, an act that wins John a lot of goodwill. Jamie grouses and Sarah suggests that they can’t let John show up to the fight, as it were, and the episode ends with it seeming like plans to sabotage John may be beginning to form.

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