Yellowjackets Star Threw Up Filming New Episode’s Big Death

Spoilers for the new Yellowjackets follow! At this point, fans of the hit Showtime series Yellowjackets shouldn’t be surprised when a character is killed off. It happens with some frequency on the show, and more often then note ends up with a meal afterwards if you know what we mean. This week however might be one of the more tragic deaths that has ever happened on the show, with Samantha Hanratty’s Misty accidentally killing her new bestie, Nuha Jes Izman’s Cystal. After the two have been bonding over the past few episodes they reach a major moment, sharing some of their deepest secrets that no one else knows.

This begins with lighthearted stuff, though there is a bit where both of them agree that Dr. Jack Kevorkian was hot. While the two are out in the woods alone however, completing their chores, Misty reveals her actual biggest secret, that she found the black box from the plane after they crashed. As fans know, rather than use it to help them get rescued, Misty destroyed the transmitter, dooming them to 19 months of isolation in the wilderness. Misty shares this thinking her friend will see how great it was, that what she did gave way for their beautiful friendship to blossom. This does not happen and Crystal reacts very poorly, blaming Misty for them being isolated.

After a shouting match, and Misty threatening to kill Crystal, the poor girl slips and falls off a ledge to her death. Speaking in a new interview, actress Samantha Hanratty revealed that filming part of this sequence did in fact make her throw up…just not for the reason you might think.

“Going down there and performing CPR on this body and having the blood come up was just awful,” Hanratty revealed to Collider. “I actually did throw up. It wasn’t because of the body but because I got a fake piece of snow lodged in the back of my throat, so I had to run over, I threw up. I ate like four pickles that day and all the pickles got thrown up, and it was just a mess.

She continued, addressing the scene, “I added the line, ‘I’m sorry, bestie,’ because I just said it. I just said it because they’re like, ‘Okay, just hold that beat for a while,’ and the storm’s happening, and I’m looking down at the body, and it’s like she realized that the snow is gonna start covering things up, and I think she realized that, ‘Okay, if I tell people that …’ I think she’s starting to realize the story that she’s gonna say, but before she can fully commit to it, she has to say her goodbye.”

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