WWE’s Gunther Retains Intercontinental Title Against Ricochet in Another SmackDown Classic

After winning the first-ever WWE SmackDown World Cup, Ricochet earned a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, and that match would commence during tonight’s WWE SmackDown with a match between Ricochet and Intercontinental Champion Gunther. These two have delivered amazing matches each and every time they are in the ring together, and tonight was no different, with each person targeting their opponent’s biggest strength to turn it into a weakness. Gunther would get Ricochet down but the star kept kicking out of everything, and it was only when Gunther hit his new finishing move the last symphony that Ricochet would stay down, giving Gunther the win.

Later in the match, Ricochet flew over the top rope and collided with Gunther on the outside. Then he went up top again, but Gunther was on his feet and stopped the challenger with a chop. Then Gunther brought down Ricochet but he landed on his feet, and Gunther looked a little shocked. A running knee hit but then a big boot from the Champion came next, and after a clothesline, he went for a cover but the challenger kicked out.

Gunther went up top and came down on Ricochet but the challenger got his knees up and then went to lift Gunther and hit a huge vertical suplex into a cover, but Gunther kicked out. Then he went up top again and went for the shooting star and got it, and he went for the cover but somehow Gunther kicked out.

Ricochet took off the tape around his fists and hit a flurry of punches and chops, stunning the Champion. Then he hit a huge super kick that staggered Gunther but then Gunther connected with a huge hit of his own and went for the pin, only for the challenger to kick out.

The crowd lost their minds at his kick out then the two stars got into a slugfest. Gunther picked up the challenge and slammed him down with the last symphony, his new finishing move, and that was it. He would pin Ricochet and get the win, celebrating with Imperium.


Then Imperium picked up Ricochet and set him up for an attack, but then Braun Strowman came out to defend him, and once he got in the ring Imperium cleared out.

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