WWE’s Gunther Defeats Rey Mysterio to Retain Intercontinental Title on SmackDown

After Rey Mysterio earned his shot at the Intercontinental Championship by winning a thrilling Fatal 4-Way, it was finally time to face the Champ Gunther in the ring on SmackDown. Mysterio has faced giants in the past and wasn’t about to turn away from a fight with Gunther, but early on it was all Gunther, who used his size and strength to his advantage. Mysterio would come back with a vengeance though, and at several points, he looked prime to win, but Gunther would avoid a 619 and knock Mystery to the mat with a one-two punch of a big boot to the head and a clothesline, and that would be it for Mysterio, as Gunther would get the pin and the win.

Mysterio wasn’t phased and met Gunther face-to-face in the middle of the ring. He evaded Gunther a bit and ducked a chop, but then he was caught by the Champion and placed on the ropes so Gunther could deliver a big chop and put his boot on Mysterio’s face. Gunther then hit another chop on Mysterio’s chest and then dragged Mysterio off the apron and slammed him hard on the floor outside.

When we came back from break Gunther threw Mysterio out of the ring to the floor, and then he picked up Mysterio and slammed his back against the ring apron. Gunther got him back in the ring and picked him up for a big slam on the mat, but Mysterio would come back and get in some offense of his own and even managed to lock in a sleeper hold on Gunther after being caught in mid-air.

Gunther was in trouble at this point, but he managed to climb up to the second rope and jump off, landing both stars on the mat and breaking the hold. Gunther would try to take off Mysterio’s mask but Mysterio came back with a series of strikes to the chest. Gunther lifted Mysterio for a powerbomb but he punched Gunther in the face and got himself down. A kick followed and then Mysterio connected on a move that brought Gunther down.

A dropkick was next and then Mysterio hit two strikes before hitting a moonsault off the ropes into a cover but Gunther kicked out. Mysterio sent Gunther into the ropes and set up for a 619, but he hit a dropkick and then connected on the 619, knocking Gunther down to the mat. Mysterio went up top but Gunther was on his feet and he threw Mysterio off the top rope. Gunther then went up to the top rope himself but Mysterio caught him and halted his progress with strikes to the hea.d Mysterio connected with headbutts but was pushed back to the mat, though he came back with more punches and headbutts.

Mysterio went for a hurricanrana but Gunther blocked it, only for Mysterio to counter a powerbomb and hit the hurricanrana and go for the cover, though Gunther kicked out. Gunther caught Mysterio the next time too but Mysterio countered once more and this time hit a Sunset Flip, but Gunther kicked out of the cover attempt once more. Mysterio paid respect to Eddie Guerrero to hit a Frog Splash but Gunther countered and hit a dropkick. Then he powerbombed Mysterio and went for the pin, but Mysterio kicked out.

Mysterio reversed a move and sent Gunther into the ropes, but Gunther hit a big boot to the face and a clothesline, and that was it for Mysterio, with Gunther getting the pin and the win. Gunther is still your Intercontinental Champion.


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