WWE’s Carmelo Hayes Closes the Chapter on Bron Breakker to Retain NXT Title at Battleground

The main event of WWE NXT Battleground featured familiar rivals, as Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker would battle for the NXT Championship once more. The thing is these are very different versions of both superstars, and you could see that from the get-go. Breakker was relentless and wanted to dish out as much pain as possible. Hayes meanwhile looked to weather the storm and pick his moments, and he certainly did. Hayes dealt with some brutal spears throughout, but he was able to get through Breakker’s armor and deal some damage to his leg and knee. Then he was able to finally connect with a lethal combination of moves, including the springboard DDT, to get the pin and the win. Carmelo Hayes is still your NXT Champion.

The fight spilled to the outside quickly, with Breakker slamming Hayes into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Breakker charged into Hayes in the corner, and Hayes went to hit a springboard slam but was caught by Breakker and thrown down. Hayes was back on his feet soon though, locking Breakker into a hold in the middle of the ring and putting stress on his left leg. Breakker was hobbling a bit after this, so it seemed to work.

Hayes then threw Breakker after jumping off the ropes but Breakker hit back with a clothesline, though he was still shaking off the pain from the knee. A suplex followed on Hayes, and Breakker knocked Hayes from the top and slammed him down. Breakker kept pouring on offense, knocking Hayes down and trying to wear down his arm. He went for a clothesline but Hayes kicked him in the knee.

That knocked Breakker down a bit but Breakker hit Hayes with a suplex and brought Hayes down hard on the mat. Breaker focused on Hayes’ lower back, doing more and more damage to it, but when he went for the move again Hayes turned around and put his boots up, with Breakker coming down right on top of them.

They exchanged punches next and the crowd chanted “You’re Not Him” at Breakker, and Hayes then hit a superkick and a big boot to the face. Hayes finally connected on the springboard clothesline and then he dropped Breakker with a slick move into a cover, but Breakker kicked out before the count of 1. Hayes then hit Breakker with a cutter into a cover, and while Breaker kicked out, it was after 2.

They exchanges trikes again and Breakker lifted Hayes, but Hayes countered and hit a DDT before going up top, but Breakker dodged the move. Hayes dodged a spear but Breakker hit a spear across the ring and went for the cover, but Hayes kicked out. Hayes kept at it, dealing with a move from Breakker, and eventually, Hayes was able to hit the springboard DDT. He went up top and hit the leg drop, and that was it for Breakker, with Hayes retaining his NXT Championship.

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