WWE Reveals Ultimate Edition Mattel Creations Coliseum Collection Hulk Hogan and Terry Funk Figures

Earlier today WWE held their latest Mattel WWE Elite Squad stream, where they revealed up-close looks at several upcoming releases in the WWE Elite line, including Big E’s new WWE Championship figure, Mandy Rose’s upcoming NXT Women’s Champion figure, and more. They also revealed the first looks at the debut wave of the Ultimate Edition Mattel Creations Exclusive Coliseum Collection, and the first wave will include two legends in Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan. The new figures will come in special packaging and will feature a host of accessories, and they will go up for order exclusively on MattelCreations.com.

The Terry Funk and Hulk Hogan Coliseum Collection figures will go on sale on Friday, November 11th at 12 PM EST. There’s no word on a price just yet, but there’s still some time until the launch so hopefully, Mattel will reveal more details as we get closer.

Hogan will come with a WWE Championship Title, his white and red entrance shirt, a necklace, two extra swappable head sculpts, and six swappable hands. One expression is hulked out, and that one looks to feature a red headband as well.

As for Funk, he comes with his red poncho, brown and red chaps, a branding iron, his hat, two swappable heads, and four swappable hands. Hogan and Funk join Sgt. Slaughter in the line, and we’ll keep you posted when the pre-orders launch.

Mattel also revealed an up-close look at WWE Elite Series 98, which is led off by the WWE Champion version of Big E. Not only will Big E have the gear he wore during his WWE Championship run, but he will also have a WWE Championship Title included, and it will feature his custom side plates.

Hopefully, the custom side plates will be more widely used moving forward, as I can look at several Champion figures on my shelf right now that would benefit from having those included. The line will also feature the first appearance of Rick Boogs in the line and will also feature the debut of the NXT Champion version of Mandy Rose. The line also includes Farooq Asad, Randy Orton, and Finn Balor, who is one of the coolest versions of his demon persona yet.

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H/T Major Wrestling Figure Podcast