WWE Reveals Raw Superstar as Lyra Valkyria’s NXT Women’s Title Challenger

Lyra Valkyria would do the unthinkable and defeat her WWE idol Becky Lynch at Halloween Havoc, becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion in the process. Valkyria made her return to TV during tonight’s episode of NXT, and she praised Lynch for being every bit the icon that she hoped she would be. Then Valkyria complimented the fans for making the match even more electric, but she was soon cut off by Monday Night Raw Superstar Xia Li. Li confronted Valkyria in the ring and brought up her attack on Lynch on Raw, and then she said she was coming after Valkyrie’s Championship next. Valkyria didn’t shy away at all, and now the Champ has her first Title challenger.

Valkyria came to the ring and talked about the big win against Lynch, saying, “I never dreamed it could happen the way that it did, but Lyra Valkyria is your new NXT Women’s Champion! Whoever it was that said you should never meet your heroes, well they clearly never met Becky Lynch, because she is a true legend.”

“But I didn’t just meet my hero, I beat her. I defeated an icon, and now the finest prize in NXT is around my waist. At Halloween Havoc I brought it. Becky sure as hell brought it, but one thing I’ll remember is that you guys made this place feel like magic. And we showed the world what a main event Women’s Title match is all about. And you’ve all seen my story, and every bit about it’s true, but I know I’m not the only woman who dreams of holding this, and I know that locker room is packed with healthy competitors that want to take this from me,” Valkyria said.

That’s when Xia Li came down the stairs and met Valkyria face to face. Li asked, “Did you see what I did to your hero Becky Lynch last night?” Valkyria responded, “Yeah, I saw your attack, all because Becky told you that if you wanted a Championship you should go and win one.”

That didn’t sit well with Li, who said, “Now I plan to take yours.” A match between the two wasn’t made official for any particular night yet, but with Deadline coming up relatively soon, that is one option. We could see Xia Li as Valkyria’s challenger at NXT Deadline and then possibly another challenger between now and then, and perhaps that challenger sets up a Triple Threat Title match for Deadline. We’ll have to wait and see, but as Valkyria said, there are plenty of women in the division that would love to take a shot at the new Champion.

After the match, Lynch also heaped praise on the new Champion. On Instagram Lynch discussed how proud she was of her NXT Women’s Championship run and also talked up the talented NXT roster. Lynch then called Valkyria a star for years to come.

On Instagram Lynch wrote, “The NbeXT era has come to an end. I am immensely proud of my run as NXT Women’s champion. From getting to step in the ring with some of the finest up and comers to open challenges on Raw and being a catalyst for highlighting the wealth of hungry talent we have on our roster. @real_valkyria is the real deal and will be a star for years to come. The future is in good hands.”

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