WWE NXT’s Brutal Von Wagner Spot Reportedly Didn’t Go as Planned, Left Some ‘Exceptionally Worried’

Last night’s episode of WWE NXT ended in a rather abrupt fashion, though at the time it was thought that the ending was to ramp up the drama. The ending of the match between Von Wagner and Bron Breakker did seem to achieve the desired effect, but a new report indicates that the spot might not have gone to plan and hurt Von Wagner in the process. In a brutal spot that involved Breakker bringing down some steel steps onto Wagner, a report by Bodyslam.net states several people they spoke to who were in attendance at the taping said there was a panic caused by the spot. Those same people said that EMT’s and other agents seemed “exceptionally worried” after the spot, which is said to have made direct contact with the back of Von Wagner’s head and neck.

Another source who reportedly works backstage said that there was a general panic after Bron “hit him in the head accidentally”. While the source stressed that the black screen part was planned, “aspects went wrong”, and Wagner ended up being cut open from the collision.

Breakker and Von Wagner had a No Disqualification match to close out NXT, and the match ended when Breakker put Von Wagner’s head on the steel steps and then slammed the other half of the steps down on top of his head. The video feed then cut to black but you could still hear the audio of the crowd and commentators complete shock. At the time it was thought to be a complete work, but if the report is true, Von Wagner was unfortunately truly hurt in the spot, and we wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

After the EMTs came out to take Von Wagner from the ring on a stretcher, Shawn Michaels came out and continued the storyline, kicking Breakker out of the Performance Center. WWE has also shared a small update on Von Wagner, saying he was taken to the hospital for treatment. That seems to be tied to the storyline though, so hopefully we’ll get an update on Von Wagner’s real-life health status soon.

Von Wagner has been feuding with Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin as of late on NXT, which has come after a longer story tied to his manager and now close friend Robert Stone. The two have come together after a storyline that brought more of Wagner’s backstory and childhood to light, and since then they’ve been a powerful team. Von Wagner has also started to gain some momentum in the babyface role against heels like Corbin and Breakker, and he’s even built up a trademark in the form of putting people through tables.

Almost every match involving Wagner has the crowd chanting for him to slam someone through a table these days, and when he finally does the crowd lights up. Before the scary spot in Von Wagner’s match with Breakker, Von Wagner was able to deliver once again and impressively slam Breakker through the announce table, completely obliterating it.

If Von Wagner is good to go soon, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s one more match in this feud before both stars go their separate ways, especially with No Mercy coming up, which would seem the most likely place to have that final match. Something like a Steel Cage or the Fight Pit seems like a good fit, but we’ll have to wait and see how things proceed from here.