Viral God of War Ragnarok Video Shows Impressive Hidden Thor Detail

God of War Ragnarok is a real treat and has been satisfying fans everywhere, especially thanks to its hours upon hours of content. There’s a lot to discover within the game beyond the twists and turns of the main story. Many have noticed wild hidden details such as heavy foreshadowing to the game’s biggest twist, Odin disguising himself as a dwarf near the start of the game to spit on Kratos and Atreus from atop a bridge, and more. However, some hidden details are almost quite literally microscopic or otherwise very difficult to notice under normal means. Thankfully, Sony Santa Monica added a photo mode to the game which has allowed fans to examine every pixel up close.

During the first fight between Thor and Kratos at the start of God of War Ragnarok, Kratos essentially shows his strength and power to the God of Thunder by hitting him so hard, his tooth flies out. It’s a real power move and allows Thor to feel satisfied with the battle, but it’s not done just for a cool shot. Kratos really did knock out Thor’s tooth as the player can open photo mode and find it lying on the ground, much to the surprise of everyone. Of course, the developers could have just said it flew away, got covered in the snow, or something to come up with an excuse for it not being visible on the ground, but they decided to add in to the game. It’s a clever little detail that even caught the eye of Kratos actor Christopher Judge who voiced his amazement over the detail.

There are likely a ton of other little details scattered around God of War Ragnarok. What that may be remains to be seen, but it is a massive game and the fact it has been out for roughly a month and people are still finding things is shocking. Perhaps the new photo mode will shine a light on some potential mysteries!


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