Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: Who Dies?

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts has quite a few characters in its roster, hero and villain alike. With the Autobots joined by the Maximals of Beast Wars fame for the first time in this live-action sequel, the latest film in the franchise sees some titanic robotic tussles take place. As the theater blasts its way into theaters this week, here is a breakdown of the characters that unfortunately weren’t able to survive the encounter, and might not have a role to play in any future films.

The latest Autobot line-up in the film includes the likes of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Mirage, and Arcee, taking place in the 90s prior to the original film that kicked off the Paramount franchise. When it comes to the Maximals, the Beast Wars’ favorites such as Optimus Primal, Airazor, Cheetor, and Rhinox round out the roster. On the villain side of the aisle, the planet-eating threat known as Unicron is attempting to add Earth to his dinner table. Rather than having Megatron, or Galvatron, as his number one guy this time around, Unicron instead has a helper known as Scourge who is trying to make sure his master stays fed. Be forewarned, now is the time when we start discussing which heroes and villains kick the bucket this time around.

Which Hero Dies?

The movie starts by showing the Maximals on their original planet, as the Scourge seeks to acquire the Trans Warp Key and eliminates the mentor to Optimus Primal in the film, Apelinq. While Apelinq does have a history in the Transformers‘ lore, especially in the comics, he never made an official appearance in the original Transformers: Beast Wars series. He gives his life, allowing Primal and the other Maximals the opportunity to ditch their planet with the Trans Warp Key and head to Earth to meet the Autobots and fight against Unicron’s minions.

A major character that did have a heavy role in the original Beast Wars television show who doesn’t make it out of the film alive is Airazor, the Maximal who could transform into a bird and had a close relationship with Tigatron. In the movie, Airazor is infected by Scourge, losing her mind to the villain and being killed by Optimus Primal, who has no choice but to end her life to save their human friends. While the movie does see the likes of Bumblebee and Mirage die as well, with Scourge responsible for both their deaths, the two Autobots are eventually resurrected thanks to Energon and the human Noah respectively.

Which Villain Dies?

Pretty much all the villains find themselves being turned into scrap by the Autobots and the Maximals. Scourge in particular suffers a rather nast demise at the hands of Optimus Prime, with the Autobot leader making good on a promise earlier in the film to hold the villain’s head in his hands. Unfortunately for both the Earth and the Transformers, Unicron isn’t killed in the movie, but rather is simply stopped from entering their universe. Most likely, in a future film, we’ll see the planet-eating threat make a comeback.

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