The Usos Crash Roman Reigns’ 1000-Day WWE SmackDown Celebration, Solo Sikoa Makes His Choice

Roman Reigns passed the insanely impressive 1000-day mark as Champion, and he doesn’t show any signs of letting his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship go anytime soon. Tonight’s SmackDown featured a special celebration of his Title reign, and Triple H even surprised him with a slick new Title belt. The Usos would end up crashing the ceremony though, which led to a tense exchange between Jimmy and Reigns. That led to Solo Sikoa calling The Usos his brothers and walking to their side after Jimmy called Reigns into question for being a bad brother. Sikoa would then betray Jimmy and Jey and attack Jimmy, making his final choice and choosing Reigns over his brothers.

After the new Title was presented, Reigns was giddy and asked the crowd to acknowledge him. That’s when The Usos came out, and they confronted Reigns in the ring. Jimmy stared down Reigns while Jey anxiously paced behind Jimmy. Reigns then told Jey to kick Jimmy in the face. Reigns then said he didn’t stutter and told him to kick Jimmy in the face again. “That’s what he did to me. He kicked me in the face. He took my Tag Team Championships away from me, so kick him in the face right now,” Reigns said.

Jimmy then said the only one that needs fixing is Reigns. “Jey can’t fix this. I’m the one that kicked you in the face. The kick heard worldwide. Yeah that was me. And I did what I did in Saudi Uce, not to be the Tribal Chief, not to be lead The Bloodline, but because I was being a brother,” Jimmy said. “And brothers treat brothers with love and respect, and lately you’ve not been such a good brother.”

“What kind of brother manipulates? What kind of brother betrays? What kind of brother beats down his own family? You have gone crazy. Crazy. This right here? This is my brother (points to Jey). It’s embedded in me to protect. Him? I’m here to protect you. Solo, when he’s done using you, he’s going to kick you in the side and put you in the dirt and do what he always do,” Jimmy said.

After the crowd started chanting Usos, Reigns said, “You want to know why they are saying Uso? Because of me! That’s why. Yeah, you see me. The Tribal Chief. This guy’s an imposter. You’re talking over here like you’re the leader. You’re talking about him like he doesn’t have a voice. Let’s hear from Solo and who he runs with around here.” Reigns then gave the mic to Sikoa.

Sikoa looked a little hesitant before saying “I acknowledge you my Tribal Chief. But these two right here, they’re my brothers.” Sikoa then walked to the side of The Usos. Jimmy then asked Reigns if he was going to end up on the island of relevancy all by himself. Reigns got in his face and Jimmy shoved Reigns away. Jey then stopped Reigns from charging ahead and got in between Reigns and Jimmy.

Jey then told both they are better than that and they are family. Jimmy got on the microphone and said while Solo and Jey are his brothers, so is Roman, and said they should run this place like they’ve been doing. Reigns then hugged Jimmy and looked sincere, but said No. Sikoa then hit Jimmy with a Samoan Spike, and Jey looked after his brother. Reigns and Sikoa left the ring, and when Heyman asked “What about Jey”, Reigns said “he’ll do what he always does. He’ll fall in line.”

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